The full moon

The moon rises to shine,

The wolves raise their head to whine.

I spent ten years in struggle.

Taming many tails that waggle.

I spent a lot of time knowing good from bad

I spent a lot of time knowing bad from good.

I know there were only a few who knew true respect,

I knew only a few could unfold the drama.

I know I love you,

I know I cannot reach you,

I know you do not take me

when I go, you blocked me

Everywhere, never replied,

Six months I tried. Now also

and forever I love you.

I have no falsity on you, so I tried.

I will live with your shadow

away from the monsters of my past

You alone will be a part,

as unseen as the poetry,

as unseen as the new moon.

I will want to still live with you forever.

Will you keep me with you?

If so, come now as the moon shines.

Not within the walls of your work

But away from it, if you could trust.

I love you quite late, I do not wish to suffice

But wish you could ask me to suffice.

I love you always, yet your walls are too high

for me to climb, I cannot do so.

I know the game, I left the world.

I leave you too here,

If you wish to return you could come,

Only you, rest I have smudged on the wall,

of my mind and they can bother me no more.

Soon, I would write their story,

Their true colours and their awful smells,

hidden in the fictional tale. But, you have not

ended, never will end as they moved out of my life.

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