The crescent moon chapter II

The world often talks about freedom, but woman seem to have it less.

The world is a tricky pathway when you have to extract freedom of thought from it.

Educated, qualified women in India do not think for themselves and it is a matter of pride.

I remember one such instance where a manager of mine one day commented loud enough for me to hear,

“I have my husband who does everything on my behalf, I am so proud about it.”

It’s strange then that woman are mere slaves as usual. They are told if they think they are bad women, hence women too shy away from doing so, harassing other woman who try to think.

They work, study and take up a whole lot of pain to become who they become, why?

“To be fanciful slaves. Decked up with gold, money, a crown a goat is no longer a scape but a queen only to be slaughtered later.

These thoughts crossed my mind often whenever I saw that people were placing up men at all stages for me to not think.

When I was a teenager friends tried becoming boyfriends and when I shied off, since I did not need one, they would begin advising me on things they knew I was weak. Listening to them meant I was still a slave.

When I grew up, people proposed marriage. But, then they had pros and cons…dons probably. Their terms had to be met.

Twenty lakhs,

A house.

My house in their name.

Should take care of four old people, has to be in the kitchen unless they sleep off.

Everything was a condition which meant you agree so they dominate.

They did not know one thing, a woman if finds her home would do everything willingly. Forcing her shows the fear society has towards women.

Next comes a choice. You have to choose people who choose you even if they don’t suit your prototype.

Reason: women can’t set prototypes.

What does it indicate?


If she chooses someone and that someone does not choose her, it is also a way to dominate stubborn, vile women who have dared to choose.

By being denied their desire to live with a man in a way she wants is a form of dominance. Do all women out there see that?

There are two circumstances which you can reach-

1) you are so frustrated by denial which is almost the last weapon society can use towards a woman. A denial breaks her down, so her self worth declines steadily.

Now, she can be targeted by anybody who is interested in her.


By telling her that since she was denied by her desire, she should now fulfill the wish of someone who is interested in her. Let me tell you, that man is interested in himself and not in the woman, since even the most vile women is a target of the society. Women who have not accepted this trait of being dominated somewhere.

2) You can turn haywire into doing what pleasures many men. That way also you are a gain to this world.

Let me tell you a story.

Long back in the BC there was one woman who had become a slave to men thanks to her innocence which prohibited her from being harsh on the society, Her naïveté which prohibited her from seeing this trick the world is playing since long.

Being rejected in the hands of many men who refused to marry her, and with the declining health of her mother, she was on day offered help in the form of money for her first night.

She agreed since her self esteem and her self worth had been smashed by the repeated rejections.

Life moved and when she was forty four on the verge of her menopause, she was stricken by a headache.

The headache won’t go and all that she had saved was used by her aides to get her well.

In the story, one day a young doctor was returning to his home and on his way, he knocked her door for a glass of water.

There was none left around her, the money, the glamour was all gone. So, she herself opened the door, not sure what to do with the knocks.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I am a young doctor, I am thirsty. I am returning home from Nalanda University”

She brought a glass of water and while handing it down to him she fainted.

He took her inside and examined her.

When she came back to senses, she was scared first time in the presence of a man who was sitting far away from her and not near her, watching, waiting for her to return.

“Why are you still here?”

“Well, I think someone is poisoning you and I can heal it.”

“I have nothing left. I have no money. All is gone or taken. My body is also gone, there is nothing more in it. I cannot give you anything.”

“You can.” He smiled down at her.

“A chance to practice what I learnt.”

“Can I ask you something? Why’d you help me?”

“You are my practice ground.”

During the course of her treatment, she shared her story to him.

“You went wrong, you should have rejected that man, it did not save your mother. Did it?”

She nodded to say no.

“It was a trick to make you get into this path, since marriage was not profitable with you.

No one wants to take care of sick parents unless they know it, which would be very few people.

No one wants a bride who comes empty handed.

Now, you were exactly that, whatever your mother was offering could only give you a puller or a toddy seller, your mother wanted a soldier for you.

So, you should have used yourself in a better way.

You should have asked them to comply to your terms since you were a woman.”

He cured her, of the poison.

“You have a chance to not become one again, since you look well now.

I have a chance to not be one such man.”

Off he went on his path.

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