Vision of TST

Science should be one of the great unifying forces in a world of diversity.

- Peter Ratcliffe (Nobel Laureate in Medicine, 2019)

When we were young, we loved the shape of triangles. The name of the blog, ‘The Scientific Triangle stems from this very seed thought.

Both science and art inspire us – through TST we try to bring light to every modern aspect and facet of science together. Here, we would attempt to present the creative side of science and the scientific side of art.

What you cannot learn, for they are either complicated or mundane becomes easy, lucid, and comprehensible through our blogs.

Latest Posts
Colour Analysis

What You Can Learn From a Color Analysis Quiz

Are you curious about color psychology? The colors we choose for our homes, cars, clothes, and other possessions reflect our personalities. In this article, we’ll explore how color affects us emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Most of us are trying to find color synchrony in our life. Each color has a specific meaning and is associated … Continue reading What You Can Learn From a Color Analysis Quiz

Most popular doodles

Most popular doodles

the most popular doodles We all love dogs but most of us cannot enjoy their company due to our allergies to their fur coats. Humans have long befriended dogs and their attachment to their runs so deep that we often feel incomplete without them around us. Unfortunately, health issues do create a problem for us … Continue reading Most popular doodles


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