The Scientific Triangle

What about, ‘The Scientific Triangle’

When I was small I loved triangles as a shape. The name of the blog, ‘The Scientific Triangle stems from this very seed thought.

The Scientific Triangle seemed to hit the chord right away.

So, what can you find here?

To quench your thirst gurgling out of your curiosities, all we can say is, you have to wait to see how differently it grows.

Above all, I was more into writing poetry and stories and from there I am transforming it to a scientific hub?

The Transition

Now, what can I say except that stories can stem from science too. Another reason is, when I started, I was not sure enough. So initially I began by writing my poems here.

It’s not that I did not enjoy writing them, I also compiled them into a book currently available in Amazon as ‘A Hiatus from the Loaded Past.

I will keep writing poems but we will also write and talk about other things.

Science and art both inspire us- so all modern facets of science come together here. It would mostly be science made fun, science made easy. Here, we would attempt to present the creative side of science and the scientific side of art.

What you cannot learn, for they either become complicated or mundane becomes easy, lucid, and comprehensible. We hope to increase our viewings and our engagement ratio with the masses.

Latest Posts
How to think right

Do you know how to think right?

I recently wrote a guest post (A New You- Vandana Sehgal) on how people need to think right. How to think right often gives way to why to think straight. Continue reading Do you know how to think right?

Woolly mammoth - The Scientific Triangle

Woolly Mammoth Might Be Resurrected by Colossal

Wondering why are scientists trying to bring back the woolly mammoth? Well, in a desperate attempt to restore the ecosystem, scientists and geneticists are trying to recreate the woolly mammoth of the ice age. Continue reading Woolly Mammoth Might Be Resurrected by Colossal

The Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple BodhGaya- UNESCO World Heritage Site 1

The Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya has been revered for centuries by Buddhists and every peace seeker of the world. When travelling towards Bodhgaya from Gaya, the dilapidated and stony landscape suddenly gives way to a clean, living and green environment. Strife and struggle seem to stall at the gates of the temple, and an altogether different … Continue reading Mahabodhi Temple BodhGaya- UNESCO World Heritage Site 1

We want to control everything

We Want to Control Everything

We want to control everything We want to tame down all. Our desire to control, overpowers our inner animal. Our inner animal overpowers, our inner human. I understand fighting against an enemy that tries to kill us. But why kill? Why territorise? Why not live together? One who understands enmity, often fails to practice it. … Continue reading We Want to Control Everything


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