COP26 summit

11 essential action points from the Cop26 Summit

Finally, the Cop26 Summit ended amid a lot of uproar, anticipations, expectations, essential information, and confusion. This Cop26 summit was so important that it has been deemed to be humanity’s last hope, as we keep incurring debts towards the Earth going forward. Speculations have hit high where most real time activists prefer to not believe the Cop26 Summit and the world leaders. But, there is … Continue reading 11 essential action points from the Cop26 Summit


Essential points about the UN COP26

Arranged annually by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN COP26 conference is held to discuss the progress made in terms of climate change in the world. It is also a center where the Kyoto protocol is negotiated every year to ensure the developed nations comply with the boundaries set by the protocol. Introduction & History of UNFCCC Not many know … Continue reading Essential points about the UN COP26

Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

You might have often come across the term “carbon footprint” and wondered what does it mean? Well, according to the World Health Organization, this term refers to the measure of the carbon dioxide (CO2) which is generated by our regular actions and released into the environment as a result of burning fossil fuels. Currently, one person in the United States has an average carbon footprint … Continue reading Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

Prospects of Green Technology

The prospect of green technology is bright. Those who are hesitating right now to make the move towards it would soon realize they were wrong in not choosing it. What is Green Technology is discussed as a topic several times here? We know a lot about it. Any technology, contributing to the cleaning or betterment of the organization is what Green Technology is. Environment monitoring … Continue reading Prospects of Green Technology

Types of Green Technology

Any technological advancement designed to reduce the load of the environment that can either bring down or minimize the carbon load of the environment can be termed as Green Technology. The world is facing extreme challenges from the climate right now. It is being predicted if the climate challenges keep piling up this way, it is not far when we would either be standing ahead … Continue reading Types of Green Technology

How did plastic take over our lives

Indeed, life is all about plastic & plastic pollution! The word plastic triggers a few thoughts in our minds. They pop-up no sooner we hear the word. I often stumble on plastic pollution, plastic in the sea, in mountains, plastic carriers and cups. I am sure; all of you have lived your lives around plastics. In fact, the 80s and the 90s generations grew up … Continue reading How did plastic take over our lives

Understanding Green Technology

What is green technology Most often the laymen nowadays question about Green Technology. What is green tech? People ask whenever they are told anything related to it. Small and medium business owners are also not much aware of it. Our world is undergoing a massive threat right now. The environment is at its worst, and we are living in environmental debt hereon. Environmental debt means … Continue reading Understanding Green Technology

What Is It With The Green Alternatives?

If you have read yesterday’s post with us, you know an International Climate Summit is coming up in India. ICS 2021 will be an initiative that can alter a lot about our understanding of the environment. The main focus is going to be on the Greens. It would be all about the Greens- not only the environmental green but also the green alternatives. Green steel, … Continue reading What Is It With The Green Alternatives?

All About the International Climate Summit 2021

The International Climate Summit 2021 is all set to be held on September 3, 2021, in New Delhi, India. The ICS 2021 is an initiative by the Environment Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce and industry. The event is also being co-organized by NITI Aayog, Ministry of Environment, Forest Climate Change, CSIR, Department of Scientific Industrial Research, and the Department of Science Technology, Government of India. … Continue reading All About the International Climate Summit 2021