Bitcoin city

El Salvador Bitcoin City

For the first time, bitcoins will have a city of their own. El Salvador has issued a legal tender to mine and use bitcoins. While announcing a bill of $1 billion for bitcoin bonds recently, the President was indeed very hopeful of a bitcoin future. An entire city made of just bitcoins is the vision and mission of El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele. The site … Continue reading El Salvador Bitcoin City

data faster using nuclear energy

Transmit data faster using nuclear energy

Someone is finally using nuclear energy to transmit data!! Amazing, isn’t it? I just loved it the first time I heard the concept. It reminded me of those witches and wizards who conjure connections and transmit messages out of nowhere. Numerous other efforts are being made to create better and faster ways of data transmission everywhere, but this one needs a mention as a lot … Continue reading Transmit data faster using nuclear energy