Evolution of TST

Who we are?

Sisters by birth and writers by choice!

When life grows dull we must take actions.

When life becomes still, we must act.

When life grows old, we must savor the taste of life.

It could be anything- bitter, salty, spicy, sweet or even tasteless.

But then we must savor it.

When life is young, we must explore it.

Right now, it is exactly what we are doing.

Exploring it with what little we have,

With what little we are meant to live.

The Scientific Triangle is all about merging our understanding with other’s understandings to present the happening events from the world of sciences, outer space and our very own Nature in a way that adds to the understanding of our people. While we journey to the Mars and Moon, we must not forget our Earth. Understanding it would help our future and this would also make us alert and active towards our near future. Our journey to the vast Universe is beginning. So let’s come together and explore from the ground level and move towards the extreme corners of science. Once you are in the blog, choose your niche and start reading or listening.