NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Launch on December 18

Read this post to learn more about the much awaited NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launch. Scheduled for launch on December 18, 2021, the Webb is all set to succeed Hubble. The James Webb Space Telescope launch date is set to December 18, 2021. NASA is busy preparing for the launch of Hubble’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit by the end of this year. The Webb Space Telescope is now going to be the primary deep space observatory for the following decade. The Webb, formerly the Next Generation Space Telescope, was renamed after James Webb, NASA’s former … Continue reading NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Launch on December 18

Understanding Green Technology

What is green technology Most often the laymen nowadays question about Green Technology. What is green tech? People ask whenever they are told anything related to it. Small and medium business owners are also not much aware of it. Our world is undergoing a massive threat right now. The environment is at its worst, and we are living in environmental debt hereon. Environmental debt means whatever resources we use in these coming days cannot be recovered by Earth by any means. But the revival of the atmosphere is a must for the future that stays on. Several good initiatives over … Continue reading Understanding Green Technology