I have not come back in two months or more….

I didn’t come back for two months. Why?


I was practically wriggling through my life…


Life never halts, life never stops, they say…collectively yes, it doesn’t but does it not stop when we see it as a singleton?

It does I think for those who die, those who are defeated by life everyday, those who are shoved out of the boundary lines and detracted, those who have to sacrifice their life and living for others, those who fall prey to the dark, dingy walls not everyone knows to manoeuvre through them.

Life stops!


Life stops for some, life stops for all….should be true cumulatively….at least it slows down…

It slows down for all….yet we don’t promote all…yet we believe that if one is out of the race….they can win over that place…someone from them can flourish…as I try to understand life I do not understand why we have preached and why we hold on to some such frictional forces of life…


I call it degrading not at all progressive, I call such an act of human sectioning not proper, not required.

Why do we give fire 🔥 to this fear? Why do we try to show that no one can help us when we need help, yet we are united, I mean can we not really help?

Help those we need to collectively, not on individual basis?

Since an individual is but a grain of dust and a grain of dust can achieve nothing alone.



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