A renewable energy source company

A Brief History

Ever since the start of the company, it is one of the prominent brands in the renewable energy segment. X Company is now synonymous to quality in the field of renewable energy.

Aims and Goals

If you have been following the world closely, then you might have noticed that robotization of work is primarily on the rise. Apart from robotization, you come across the hydrogen revolution, artificial intelligence to be slowly gaining the market. So, energy-wise, we would soon be requiring a renewable energy source, and this is where photovoltaics would make a place for themselves. So, X Company primarily aims at reducing the cost of using photovoltaic energy source which would in return make it more affordable and thus more sustainable and effective energy source in the world.

Vision with renewable energy source in mind

They visualise a world free of poverty, pollution, and environmental scarcities. They also understand that to achieve a more perfect living, we need to implement more viable solutions to our existing problems. Thus, the economically feasible renewable energy source can help us move in the right directions.

Key mentions about the renewable source of energy in the company

This company is driven forward simultaneously by a perfect brand strategy and also by the most modern innovations in the renewable energy field.

  • Photovoltaic modules, PV technology innovations and system developments are booming a record everyday rise in becoming a brand name in itself.
  • The company works as a key component supplier and also handles project development at various levels with great ease.
  • Durability, reliability and stability are the three pillars on which the company stands and the clean energy supplied to customers stands by these values always.
  • When it comes to prices, it can get no better than the prices offered by this company. Since for X Company, prices go hand in hand with the quality of work they deliver to their end-users.
Key Highlight about the company’s motto

Their products lower the utilisation cost. The products lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) required for using these products thus, increasing the investment returns largely.

  • The company has spread far and wide since 2003 and is now present in 70+ countries across the world.
  • There is a record 3200+ PV installations till date done by the company.
  • It provides 1GW+ in the home manufacturing capacity.
  • They boast of a huge product list that has grown over the years since they began.
  • Their graphical rise indicates quite a stellar performance over the years.

PV product types sold by the company

They deal with PV products of the below types-

 They mainly deal with shading resistant hot spot free technology. This technology is capable of bypassing the diodes. These are integrated between each of the PV module cells.

Various elements (not mentioned)

Awards and Recognitions

X Company is awarded as the most competent way of dealing with renewable resources of energy. A renewable resource magazine, and Intersolar has declared it to be the most efficient and able company in dealing with renewable resources.


Germany is the hub of technological innovations. X Company stands true to being the key resource in the industry of renewable energy acutely applicable for the future generations to come. Nothing can beat their strategic positioning as they keep up with the ongoing researches in this field of products and renewable energy sources.

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