The Black Curtain chapter XII

“Marco, wake up, c’mon get up. I need to talk now. You slept for almost seven hours now, wake up.” Reasha began slapping his right arm to draw him out of his sleep.


“Wha….wha….What? What happened. Someone is staring at us….” Marco was dragging himself out with the ever seeing eyes probably closed for a while before he woke up.


It was still evening as we were travelling east now.

The kid in the next seat woke up and he was deafeningly annoyed. He pressed his palms on his ears and clenched his teeth instead his fists probably.

“Sorry. Old man is out of his wits.” I indicated whispering slowly.


“Awagh man, wtf…..why did I wake up. It’s still evening….” he grumbled.

“I got a message from Mac, I had got it while the flight began but since I had switched off my mobile, I did not try to look at it further.”


“Who the hell told you to look at it?”

“He writes they attacked you since you are hiding something very precious till date. So all This armoury is your den in which you hide your tiny selfish self? This is it.” She whispered it and Marco heard it silently.

“You want to know it, I will show you. We get down in Amsterdam and then we board another flight. You pay for it.”

“What? Yes, all these words won’t help. If you have courage come and have a look.”


“What if it’s a trap you set for me?

Ahh! A trap. Good. Mac is never a person whose head can be whizzed into believing anything that does not serve his purpose or motif. You are right now important resource with ah-so-takoosh-skittish-beefy-gormandisers-no brain poofs.”

He spread out words like petals of flowers underneath your feet.

“Great, let’s do it.”


“I have hide outs but I am no longer willing to hide, this one takes us to a land between the mountains and you would travel blindfolded once we enter the Spanish capital.”

“Why are you showing me?”


“Probably, because i do not want to carry the load anymore on my head. Probably i do not discrimathe. Hola.”

The rose with its fragrance is allowed far and wide,


Why then do the purple pearls in the grass hide?

The pebbles lying in the river bed are beautiful too.

But, we prefer to look at the marbles white, to woo


Our many beloveds, we laugh and roar, care little

‘Bout that one single flower within us in shackles.

Discrimination runs deep only in human nature.

To be this, that or not to be a bat,

Hitting oneself, hitting others like a mat.

To unite with nature and the beauty of soul.

We need to close this one single hole.

Only then we turn to our future

Blocking away those tiny, minute fissures.


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