Remember, we are not alone in this journey although we are the only one responsible for our journey.

This is perhaps the first time, you are hearing from me, and I do not guarantee a sure short cure but a life process change which can heal you in entirety.

Do you still desire that completeness within yourself the one with which you were born, the state when every form of torture done on you could only trouble you for a wee bit of a second. It is not so, now though. So come, let us explore a little.

The few points to remember in this world are as follows.

1) Do not be depressed thinking you are the only one going through this phase.

2) The world is never ruled by you.

3) The world is ruled by millions of valuable looking men and women and is a loose infrastructure.

4) It is arranged as a lattice.

5) Survival skills are centred around two main points-

I) Choices are made in two ways.

a) One way is where you choose how you want to live in life.

b) Next way is when people try to choose for you.

Now, this point would require a little reconsideration from our end.

Why do people try to take the role of a godfather or godmother in your life?

One short and simple answer is BENEFIT.

Coming back to the point, when you choose as per others or you wish to choose as per others advice or instructions, you are bound to be depressed.

Why so?

Since, it is not your idea.

II) Unable to ignore what others have to say about your life?

Now, this arises again due to many factors.

But, in order to understand the entire science behind this whole much hyped disease called depression, I would advise you to go through the whole course of instructions.

We would cover exhaustively the below points-

1) How many people suffer from depression apart from you all around the world?
2) What are the various scientific changes occurring in a human being when the person begins suffering from depression, an extensive explanation of the various factors and also various other changes.
3) What other mental and moral changes occur during the process?
4) How to strengthen yourself and what changes can ascertain that you come out of it without the need of any medication.
5) Finally how to bring back yourself to your original state.

The original state is our state of being when we are a child. However, small, the time just before we were exposed to various polluting.

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