Cancer stories- An encounter that holds meaning in this chaos

Talking about past, painful or pleasant is a common habit we fall into. I am covering cancer stories with the reason where I can bind people’s past with their present. In this story I talk about the fearful disease. Even after all here years, people have not quite accepted a lot about this disease. Striking a chord with life and cancer is not easy, life itself is so hard. I often wonder the reason behind it. Is it a social stigma or is it a human weakness. Learn for yourself. Here is a bit of the story excerpt of the … Continue reading Cancer stories- An encounter that holds meaning in this chaos

Eight infections (virus) that can cause cancer

5) Epstein Barr Virus It is a virus class which is best known for the kissing disease called infectious mononucleosis. There are other ways in which this infection can pass from one person to another and that is through coughing, sneezing, shaking hands and so on. EBV as a short form is one virus which leads to an infection that can cause cancer eventually, if left untreated. As it is with other Herpes agents, EBV is also lifelong and it infects (causes infection) in certain B cells of our body. What are B cells? Well, they along with T cells … Continue reading Eight infections (virus) that can cause cancer

Eight Infections that cause cancer

There is a lot of infections that cause cancer. Cancer is infectious? In my earlier post, I had strictly criticized people for not cooperating with patients and their families many times. I think now, you might be understanding why they choose to do so. No one is sure if the patient suffered from cancer due to one of these infectious agents. So, you must know which infectious agents are responsible for which types of cancer. Next time, you can at least ask people what or which type of cancer they have suffered from, and why to understand if they suffer … Continue reading Eight Infections that cause cancer

The dragonfly dragons tie

As the wind blows faster even the tiniest dragonflies grasp and hold onto the best piece of support and when you see them from close you learn it’s always best to rest when the wind blows loud. Our big eyes are often too caught in the windy hurricane that surrounds us often but then we all must be like the daring dragonfly dancing in the wind yet, grasps a support for it knows the fiery winds won’t last long. Dragonflies have inspired the civilisation for long. They can do a lot of things none can and so they became famous … Continue reading The dragonfly dragons tie

Do humans know enough about love or is it the animals? We often praise ourselves for being the supreme most beings born with a mind and soul. We often negate various existential beings though. We often live and love in ways that suit us caging our thoughts and patterns incapable of loving or understanding anything which is not like us or are different from us. Can we never stand for creatures which need to coexist with us rather than making them seem small and insignificant? So is it that we have a mind or do they have a mind? Is it that we have a soul or they have a … Continue reading Do humans know enough about love or is it the animals?

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Rollercoasterrideinlife depression. be able to wade through the 💦 of the ordinary human life, we have to often stand when we are at the weakest. Living is a constant process of struggle, growth, new learnings, improvisations and strong 💪 will power. If we cannot understand what or how we require to be in a society, we maybe termed naïveté. Thus, towards our constant process to entropy what we build behind is what this world 🌎 is all about. Rest a while, find strength and motivation and move on with your lives. Human life can often be jeopardised, any form … Continue reading Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.