Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

You might have often come across the term “carbon footprint” and wondered what does it mean? Well, according to the World Health Organization, this term refers to the measure of the carbon dioxide (CO2) which is generated by our regular actions and released into the environment as a result of burning fossil fuels. Currently, one person in the United States has an average carbon footprint of 16 tons. In general, our daily activities directly or indirectly result in the emission of greenhouse gases. Hence the entire amount of these emissions is what is referred to as our carbon footprint. Starting … Continue reading Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

What Is It With The Green Alternatives?

If you have read yesterday’s post with us, you know an International Climate Summit is coming up in India. ICS 2021 will be an initiative that can alter a lot about our understanding of the environment. The main focus is going to be on the Greens. It would be all about the Greens- not only the environmental green but also the green alternatives. Green steel, green refinery & green hydrogen. What are exactly these green alternatives? Let us understand a bit more about them. Green alternatives Here’s a little about the different greens. 1)    Green Hydrogen The element hydrogen is … Continue reading What Is It With The Green Alternatives?