Do you ever need a poetry course?

Here we talk about a poetry course today but before that let me ask you, do you need a course at all? Well in my opinion, we do need a course for everything new we want to learn and begin. Courses may not be perfect but can align your thought process immensely well. It is these courses that tell us more about this new world we are trying to explore. One such course is right now what I am trying to bring forth and this is a poetry course. Why suddenly poetry and why even a course? Aren’t there already … Continue reading Do you ever need a poetry course?

Fun poem- The Taj is on sale

Once I went to visit the Taj Mahal. the white, translucent macabre I had heard , it once was. But no longer, it seemed translucent by any means. A little pale or maybe a light cream, you can call its hue now is, I stood there in a wig, a brunette, I was trying to be. I wanted to avoid my friends, by all means. I frankly wanted to roam alone. So I not only wore a wig, but a hat atop, with pale dark glasses to match, covered my big, petal eyes. Away from the crazy crowd, I slowly … Continue reading Fun poem- The Taj is on sale

The end will begin again-Poem

Do you really think the end will begin again? With the kind of swift ecological degradation, we are inching fast towards an ice age evidentially. So what good way to start a new phase or chapter in my renovated blog than a poem on Nature, the one which is standing on the brim of hope for a better world. Here it it is! I pulled my grey coat close. I was not sure how long the gnawing wind could be stopped by a mere coat. The temperature dropped and I grew colder. The ice age was nearing. “Run, run for … Continue reading The end will begin again-Poem

The dragonfly dragons tie

As the wind blows faster even the tiniest dragonflies grasp and hold onto the best piece of support and when you see them from close you learn it’s always best to rest when the wind blows loud. Our big eyes are often too caught in the windy hurricane that surrounds us often but then we all must be like the daring dragonfly dancing in the wind yet, grasps a support for it knows the fiery winds won’t last long. Dragonflies have inspired the civilisation for long. They can do a lot of things none can and so they became famous … Continue reading The dragonfly dragons tie

One dream! It keeps coming back

There is just one dream that keeps coming back to me ever since I remember I have been dreaming, like since my early childhood and it is this, “An angel is all set to drop me down a big, dark tunnel and as I stand beside the winged guy, all happy and excited for a new life, he turns to me and says, “Are you sure you want to go through this dark and meaningless pursuit called life?” I am dumbstruck, and so I ask, “Am I not preparing all these days for just this?” “Yes, but you haven’t picked … Continue reading One dream! It keeps coming back