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Here is your #CountryMusic News of the week from #Country #Music #News #International Magazine & #Radio #Show: CountryMusicNewsInternational #Magazine & #RadioShow is supported by #Nashville #ConventionCenter & #VisitorsBureau, #Tennessee #Tourism, #EileenCarey, #TheIndependentMusicShow, #CowboyLone, #CaryPark, #FrankMyers, #DickFlood, #Tunedly, #RustyGear, #JeremyMcComb, #SamGrow You can share t friends and family. Here is your Country Music News ofContinue reading “CMNI Newsletter”

Country Music News International for country music lovers

Country Music News International Born in 1970, Christian Lamitschka worked as a Country music journalist since1995 when he landed his first-ever break. Christian is raised in the small town of Bad Vilbel close to Frankfurt, Germany. His first break made him write about country music for CountryCircle magazine in Germany and thereon, he spread toContinue reading “Country Music News International for country music lovers”

The dragonfly dragons tie

As the wind blows faster even the tiniest dragonflies grasp and hold onto the best piece of support and when you see them from close you learn it’s always best to rest when the wind blows loud. Our big eyes are often too caught in the windy hurricane that surrounds us often but then weContinue reading “The dragonfly dragons tie”

One dream! It keeps coming back

There is just one dream that keeps coming back to me ever since I remember I have been dreaming, like since my early childhood and it is this, “An angel is all set to drop me down a big, dark tunnel and as I stand beside the winged guy, all happy and excited for aContinue reading “One dream! It keeps coming back”

What is it that matters the most?

What is it that matters the most? Thoughts on “What is it that matters the most?“ I was trying to put in a few words this morning. But then I was feeling slightly obtuse. I did not perhaps understand why or what is it that matters the most? The birds were chirping and perhaps, callingContinue reading “What is it that matters the most?”

What is the best thing about writing poetry?

It heals you. It heals all around you Scientifically it is seen that any word formats linked to one another in a rhythmic manner can calm hearts, well take songs for that matter. It was just a shy hobby which took to become what I became now, healing every now and then. But then IContinue reading “What is the best thing about writing poetry?”