Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

You might have often come across the term “carbon footprint” and wondered what does it mean? Well, according to the World Health Organization, this term refers to the measure of the carbon dioxide (CO2) which is generated by our regular actions and released into the environment as a result of burning fossil fuels. Currently, one person in the United States has an average carbon footprint of 16 tons. In general, our daily activities directly or indirectly result in the emission of greenhouse gases. Hence the entire amount of these emissions is what is referred to as our carbon footprint. Starting … Continue reading Carbon Footprint and Climate Change

Prospects of Green Technology

The prospect of green technology is bright. Those who are hesitating right now to make the move towards it would soon realize they were wrong in not choosing it. What is Green Technology is discussed as a topic several times here? We know a lot about it. Any technology, contributing to the cleaning or betterment of the organization is what Green Technology is. Environment monitoring devices, green chemicals, models, and technologies to build a green world, all are a part of Green Technology. It is by now, quite clear to us that Green Technology is being designed to preserve mother … Continue reading Prospects of Green Technology

Types of Green Technology

Any technological advancement designed to reduce the load of the environment that can either bring down or minimize the carbon load of the environment can be termed as Green Technology. The world is facing extreme challenges from the climate right now. It is being predicted if the climate challenges keep piling up this way, it is not far when we would either be standing ahead of an Ice Age in a few years. Green Technology is meant to benefit us in different ways- not just by reducing the environmental carbon load. Most of us here are pretty new to the … Continue reading Types of Green Technology

How did plastic take over our lives

Indeed, life is all about plastic & plastic pollution! The word plastic triggers a few thoughts in our minds. They pop-up no sooner we hear the word. I often stumble on plastic pollution, plastic in the sea, in mountains, plastic carriers and cups. I am sure; all of you have lived your lives around plastics. In fact, the 80s and the 90s generations grew up around plastic pollutants and their daily benefits. How we weaved plastic into our lives On such rainy days, plastic carriers turned into mini umbrellas around your head. Balloons were made out of them; even bombs … Continue reading How did plastic take over our lives