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Any technological advancement designed to reduce the load of the environment that can either bring down or minimize the carbon load of the environment can be termed as Green Technology. The world is facing extreme challenges from the climate right now. It is being predicted if the climate challenges keep piling up this way, it is not far when we would either be standing ahead of an Ice Age in a few years.

Green Technology is meant to benefit us in different ways- not just by reducing the environmental carbon load.

Most of us here are pretty new to the term, Green Technology. The term got coined just recently when people needed to differentiate carbon loaded technology from the carbon efficient clean technology.

What is it & how does it work?

Green technology aims to introduce a closed-ended cycle in place instead of an open-ended system as currently used by the technological world recently.

Refuse-Renew-Response-Reduce-Recycle is the five steps strictly followed by any Green Technology.

Any substance that can’t create recyclable refuse upon creating a response and getting reduced in the process cannot be termed as a green technology in any way.

Its simple working model should involve all these five primary and sequential steps apart from inducing a lesser impact on the environment.

Mostly the world now follows more parameters to call one a Green Technology.

Some such parameters include technologies that when built reverse damage caused to the environment or prevent further damage.

What are Green Technology and its benefits?

Ever since we have begun focusing on our growth, we have stopped focussing on the growth of our environment. What we build and use today are not environmentally friendly since they are increasing the carbon load of the environment.

Carbon load is nothing but the increased content of carbon in the environment mainly in three forms.

  • Carbon soot
  • Carbon dioxide as a gas
  • Carbon monoxide as a gas

Green house effect is a broadly described phenomenon today. These increased levels of carbon content through an increased percentage of carbon dioxide and monoxide in the air traps the longer wavelengths of the sun’s rays. This process heats the Earth in the same way as is used to keep the greenhouse warm.

If you want to find out more about how Green Technology could benefit us then we think these could be some ways to count on. The importance of Green Technology comes from the fact that it is friendlier to the environment than its current technical counterparts.

  • Harmful emission levels are zero when people use Green Technology.
  • Maintenance cost is extremely low.
  • Global warming impacts due to huge carbon dioxide emissions can be slowed down effectively.
  • The use of renewable sources of energy can help reduce the carbon load of the atmosphere.

Its positive role on the environment

Benefits are no different from the positive roles they have on the environment.

You can count them on your fingers.

  • Decreased pollution levels
  • Conservation of Resources
  • Decreased wastage of energy and other raw materials
  • Increased positive effect on the flora and fauna of the world
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Taking care of the oceans and their rich resources would become feasible

Types of Green Technology

  • Solar heaters are one of the earliest green technologies and one of the greenest of all.
  • Wind Power Turbines are being adopted by communities easily and slowly. Another clean source of energy for the world is only if people can try to harvest it.
  • Biomass harvesting is the new word for now.
  • Hydropower is another example
  • Geothermal energy use
  • Thermal Panels
  • Eco-friendly building materials

Which type is most efficient

Solar heaters are too efficient and they are being widely used nowadays. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways of green energy utilization.

Green energy is just growing and it is just now that we have recognized its utility. The big boom of the green revolution is still about to begin and green technology is just a firm step towards it.

Since, we cannot alter anything without technology, rebuilding the world with greener options is a possibility.

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