Tell your story about your duel with cancer


I was talking in the previous post, right there burning bright I could see my ashes floating in the river. When I duelled day and night beside my family with the disease. It is not just not my story but it can be your story here as women duel with cancer….

There’s a lot people are duelling each day- war, famine, floods, COVID-19 and other diseases.

Dealing with everything in this world is hard, almost unsurmountable.

But dealing with cancer, conquering it, is a battle many fail to win and some do at the cost of a lot of things.

Often I wished I still was a kid, ignorant and blissful but then I was not, I had to admit. I was in my final year of post graduate studies. Pressure to become something soon after, rested on my head like a hanging sword.

We needed money, our family was pruned on all aspects and there was never enough. Sacrifices had built in a wall around us, and perhaps above us, and now the wall was slowly pressing us down.

To stay alive we needed money, and being an Indian wedded to the legal laws the family needed to earn the right way. It was essential, our roots are in it and if you uproot some trees roots, it would soon die.

If you wish to share your story, your journey, you can come up with it.

We can share the journey here and build up a community of women who can support each other morally and mentally.

The duel with cancer and to win it, we need more than money and blessings often.

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