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5 best smart ring for women

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Do you want to know which fitness tracker smart rings are for women that can add to your beauty if you are a woman? Those who do not want gender to bind them can also refer to the 8 best ring fitness trackers here.

Do not ask yourself why you would choose a smart ring as the best wearable ring; instead, ask yourself why you should choose the best wearable ring?

Women have a lot to handle on their platter already.


Becoming a daughter, a sister, a wife, and most importantly, a mother, and that too as a mother with a job, consumes a large portion of our lives and efforts. Something as simple as your regular menstrual cycles can turn into a problem if you do not have the right perception and idea.


Maintaining health alongside a job can be alarming. Work-life balance no longer exists. What exists is to work for someone else or perish without having the option to pay for your bills. If you are at a crossroads and want to stay ahead of your health to maintain your life in the best way possible, you can choose from the different options available around you.

A smart watch came first, followed by a smart band, and now we have smart rings/best wearable rings and smart necklaces, which can inform you of your health condition even before you have perceived it. A timely intervention like a small health break or a small vacation can often sort things out, and you might just have to visit the hospital for a checkup instead of going for a lengthy hospital environment to deal with.

For those who cannot leave their busy jobs and, of course, have a large family to manage, it might be time to start donning a smart device. But a ring is the most stylish way of representation. Rings have been used as symbols of different powers, never forget Lord of the Rings, and the Avenger Rings. Also, rings have stood upright representing different virtues, thus, today we wish to talk about rings and not other gadgets.


In this article, we will walk you through several ring options available in the market that are designed especially keeping in mind the woman of this era. What would you need to consider when choosing the best smart ring for women in 2023?  Would the criteria of choice be any different for a woman in 2022? Of course not! We cannot change in a year’s time.

Here, while we have fun, we can track our health all the time.


  • 1. Evie smart ring
  • 2. boAT smart rings for women
  • 3. Motiv smart ring for women
  • 4. Femometer Smart Ring for Ovulation
  • 5. Ultrahuman Ring Air

Find the 5 best smart health rings for women

1. Evie smart ring: FDA-approved as a medical device

No other ring still has this tag to their credit: FDA-approved under devices and the Evie smart ring is the first. The release date for the Evie Movano ring release date is November 20, 2023, onwards. Evie smart rings can fit every woman’s needs effortlessly. What the ring offers in general and especially for women is given below, and if you want to have the ring, you must wait until the 20th of this month, when the ring will open for orders.


  • A multi-day battery comes handy with the Evie smart ring (3–4 and up to 5 days).
  • Charging is required only for an hour. The ring is charged through a case, and the case itself holds ten times the charging itself.
  • It is scratch-resistant and flexes almost two millimeters, so it can adjust to a finger’s nonuniformity. During perimenopause and menopause, the knuckles of one’s fingers can get slightly broader, which is why this can be done.
  • Is made of liquid metal.
  • It comes with biometric sensors for sleep, temperature, activity, heart rate, and other such essential sensors.
  • It has an open design to fit in with everyone’s everyday requirements.
  • With the ring, women can not only track their sleep but also their menstrual cycles.

Color of the smart ring: Rose gold.

Country of origin: California, United States


Syncs how often: Daily syncing facilities are available

What can the Evie smart ring help control in women?

If you controlled these five factors, you would have done a good job with yourself. You can read yourself more through these observations and proofs, and that can give you a good score in your life every day.

  • Your activities are measured everyday
  • Manage your steps each time you walk
  • Calorie intake and the amount of calories burned
  • Sleep and related changes
  • Mood and its associated symptoms

Data privacy is available: Yes it is available, and they do not interfere or read your data.

Ordering available from 20th November 2023.


Does it require your subscription– No

Price: $269


What can women expect from the Evie smart ring?

  1. Calorie metrics
  2. Activity level
  3. Heart rate and its different variabilities
  4. Blood oxygen level (SpO2)
  5. Sleep cycles and quality of sleep measurement metrics
  6. Body temperature
  7. Menstrual cycles and ovulation tracker

Can you wear the ring underwater? Yes, the Movano Evie smart ring is water-resistant and can be worn even when swimming or showering.

2. boAT smart rings for women

While Movano is reinventing women’s health with the Evie ring, boAT smart rings for women are being designed in India. You can do a lot with this smart ring for women even as a woman though the ring is not categorically designed entirely for a woman but also for men.


Find your boAT smart ring for women and understand what is missing in your knowledge about your health and what you need to do for yourself..

What can a woman expect from the boAT smart rings?

  • Water resistant technology means you can forget about your ring even in water up to a certain depth.
  • Health monitoring facilities are available
  • It offers smart activity tracking options
  • Ceramic and metal for a smooth finish and luster
  • Charging options are built handsomely
  • Even records single hand movements.
  • It gives you a smart touch control option.
  • It works in a wide temperature range from -20 to 50.

What can a woman do with the boAT smart ring?

  • They can measure their running, walking and riding metrics like your heart rate changes and your body recovery levels.
  • Monitoring body temperature is possible with the help of the device.
  • SpO2 monitoring comes easily now that we live in polluted environments, breathing troubles are becoming the norm even in the countryside.
  • Sleep pattern and resting pattern monitoring
  • A menstrual tracker comes in handy for everyone.

Country of origin: Mumbai, India

Available in different sizes


Sync time: This smart ring for women syncs regularly with your phone
Price at which it is available: Rs. 8999/ $108.03.

3. Motiv smart ring for women

Wear the ring on your fingers 24/7, and track your steps, sleep, and heart rate with your daily activity levels.

Composed of: Titanium shell or case with medical grade plastic

This smart ring for women comes with scratch resistance and is present in black, rose gold.

Water proofing: Yes, it is waterproof up to 165 feet

Country of origin: San Francisco, USA

Battery life: 3 days, its lithium ion battery

App availability: Both for Android and iOS devices.

Price for the boAT smart ring: $199

Single sync: Find out the link for single syncing which is possible only if your gadget is listed here and it can be done in two days once manually.

What can the Motiv Smart ring for women help them with:

  • It helps measure heart rate activity whenever you are active.
  • Sleep tracking will be done in terms of hours and it will make one aware of bedtime and waketime.
  • The smart ring comes with a 3-axis accelerometer
  • Calorie tracker to keep a check on how much you burn everyday
  • Discreet tracking process as the boAT smart ring is not meant to show you whenever you complete a goal.
  • Kit replacement option if ever your fingers swell or shrink.
  • Motiv fits in with the American Heart Association’s recommendation which says you must do 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.
  • Know when your heart health is improving, identify your sleep patterns, and work closely with its sensors- 3-axis accelerometer, and optical heart rate sensor.

4. Femometer Smart Ring for Ovulation

The Femometer smart ring is made to track ovulation and menstrual cycles in women. It could be your best friend if you want a better approach to your fertility cycles.

What you can get with the Femometer smart rings as a woman is described below:

Price Range: $149 with no compulsive subscription fees and the free plan offers recording and storage data.

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Battery Life: 4-5 days

Charging time: 20-60 minutes

Waterproof: You can wear it while washing hands as it is IP68 Waterproof.

Single Sync Time: 1 minute and without any obstruction can transmit data up to 3 meters

Features women can experience with the Femometer smart ring:

  • The Femometer smart ring has a water resistant outer ring 
  • It comes with real time BBT (basal body temperature) tracking.
  • Analyzing sleep patterns and monitoring them is necessary and comes in handy with the ring. It understands your deep and light sleep. 
  • Already known as a fertility tracking device it helps you track your fertile windows which means it helps you with effective conception planning via accurate ovulation predictions.
  • The smart ring provides you with accurate insight into your fertility status through the night.
  • It can monitor your overall health and also take care of your basal body temperature.
  • Know the best 7 days when you can conceive with this smart ring for women

5. Ultrahuman Ring Air

The Ultrahuman ring air is an alternative which is chosen over many other alternatives for a few essential reasons and points they incorporate.

While trying out the ring, we really felt it was worth a mention and as a layman when we try the products out there we can provide other laymen with the right guidance.

If you are a woman and you want a ring that is closer to certain kinds of metrics like your glucose level, oxygen level, and your heart’s health, you could try this ring out. Not all women will have the same need, and also, one’s age group can play a huge role.

Purchase your Ultrahuman lightweight ring and feel the difference in your understanding about your health.

Here are some essential features that make the UltraHuman ring so unique in style and design.

Price: $349 / £280 / €325 without having to subscribe with them.

Material type: The ring is made of titanium outer shell, comes with tungsten carbide carbon coating and epoxy resin coating.

Country of origin: Bengaluru, India

Battery Life: 6 days

Features to look for:

  • Glucose monitoring: With the help of the ring, you can monitor your glucose and that comes handy for women in the age range of 40-80. Any woman who suffers from juvenile diabetes can also use the ring to do continuous glucose monitoring for herself. CGM is their trademark offering and is usually not available with any of the other rings in the market at the CGM level.
  • Lighter build: Lighter, smaller and thinner than most of the other rings available previously in the market and women love light things.
  • Sleep related worries and issues: If your sleep is the focus, you could try going for it as it focuses primarily on sleep. The sleep index is accurate and provides you with the most accurate daily metrics of the circadian rhythm.
  • Recovery rate: Recovery from any situation is also its primary focus. It can provide you with accurate data on wind downs and also works great when providing you with your health’s data whenever you are put on stimulants.
  • Standard Intimation ways: A traffic light system indicates how far you are from your personal normal readings.
  • Temperature, workouts, movements & heart rate tracking are very active and extremely accurate.

Once you are done choosing, all you need to do is find the right size and the right finger to endorse it. Claim your size and make your ring your own. Find out what else you will need from them. Some companies are also bringing a lot of different combinations for people to work at their best, and merging finance and health is the commonest of all combinations. Try your combination, and if it is just health, refer to these for your woman or if you are a woman. If not, you can also refer to our other article, which talks about the ones that can be used by any and every gender.


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