Women in the end- continued

So, it goes this way, that next day, I did not turn up. Honestly, I was scared of repetitive talks and emotions.

But, after a month, I landed up in Sheena’s place.

Oodles of tears flew from both our eyes.

Then came the dreaded part.

“Sorry, you had a break up again.”

Quite unexpectedly, she replied.

“I have four in my kitty, you have none. So you should be sorry I guess.”

“Sorry, okay but at least I am waiting for the right one or perhaps I got the right one.”

“So what do you do with him? Nothing I guess.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes, nothing coz I feel love not lust.” I was trying to defend myself well, all fists closed and voice raised.

“Fine, whatever you do with him. Did you say you met him almost a year now?”

“Yeah. Yes.” I screwed my eyes 👀.”

“I hate his sister forever. She is the culprit.” She clenched her fist, gritted her teeth.

I found an escape from my obviously widely acknowledged lack of so called healthy love life.

“You need it.

“It’s healthy.

Well aww sweetie baby, but howww longgg?

Where is he?

Catch him.

Stick him to the chair.

Tie him down.

Hold him tight.

He who must not escape.”

Advises from my broadly classified so called old aged aunts and cousins. Their wrinkles may anytime touch their feet and still they craved wildly and madly, with their husbands beside them who bowed their heads as though all these years had taught them the beautiful art of being newly weds. Chins down, eyes low, blushing faces, ravaging souls and burning bodies (well, funny).

I took the escape route shoving away all these line of thoughts which were arranging themselves in queues lest they needed to burst out popping out of my head one after the other like bullets from an AK 47 or the more advanced ones, (you can imagine any name in your head).

“Ohh, really?” Adding butter that too Shea butter to the fire 🔥 I exclaimed in surprise, disguised as her compassionate friend.

“Yes, and I am seeking revenge. I will soon find out a way and you need to help me.”

That was a glitche.

All clouds formed in my brain 🧠 in which was written these,

“Last time you 💭 helped her, she was not even dating this guy. She had just send him some messages and he had said no. This time make sure it is not that stupid, it’s not right.”

💭 “The guys also should have freedom, what is this attitude. Sheena Ohh 😲 God I hate her.”

“Who is his sister, by the way?”

“Aanya Lawrence, who else?”

“You mean our ANI?” I got sucked within the pillow kept on her 🛌 bed as I shrunk to its size from all dimensions.

I caught my head and tried adjusting my hand 🤚 between my specs and my newly washed unruffled hairs arranged in a blob. My eyes moved from one end to the other like a pendulum.

“You leave. I know she is a good friend like I am and like many others. Do one thing, you better open a friend home like an old age home and make us all stay there. I can then take revenge so easily.” Her face was making different angles and her hand and voice was going wild 😜. I tried following all of the postures but I failed to keep up with all three kinds of pace.

To be continued…

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