Thoughts touching heart..heart..melting or mind melting..

Everything that ever happens once would never happen again,


But, everything that happens twice would happen the third time again…..


It means the twice ones are moving in random circles… the one like this mandala no end and absolutely no beginning.

I feel it this way,


To yield is to preserve the whole,

To be misjudged is to be straightened,


To be hollow is to be filled,

To be battered is to be renewed,

To be in need is to possess,

To be abundant is to be confused,


Therefore, the saint embraces The oneness, a standard for the world,

The wise one is not prejudiced hence he is enlightened

The wise one is not self opinionated, hence is outstanding.



6 thoughts on “Thoughts touching heart..heart..melting or mind melting..

    1. It is indeed….and each day we flow in our thoughts, life is water to flow, air to vibrate in you, fire to swish past burning like light showing the way and like earth to grow. Also like vacuum or emptiness or ether which acts only as nothing transmitting the vibration and thoughts…so all of it or anyone of it can be called life…I feel… thanks for your enriching thoughts leading to so many more new thoughts.

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