The crescent moon 🌙 Chapter 35

There were a few more incidences which shook Shrum.

1) There was a beggar who used to stay near her then rented home. One day Shrum saw he slept in winter nights without a proper cover, so she gave him a shawl, a warm woollen shawl. The next to next day, she saw the beggar was loitering near her gate. She ignored. The very next day he came back to the gate clean shaven in his specs and the dress was washed clean he wore her shawl. It scared us for a moment. Do you see the abnormality? We were so stricken at that moment.

2) One night almost after an hour of her return, she heard a whimpering sound, the man was begging for his life. Another man scolded him for sometime under her breath and then there was a gunshot. She kept quiet, sat praying, since she was alone then. The man screamed under someone’s hands pressed on his mouth, then there was no sound. All fell silent, five minutes later, a heavy rumbling bike came and stood for sometime. It went off. I heard the rest part, the rumbling bike and the gunshot over the phone. We were again scared. Few days later, the scrap person alighted with a bandaged leg and a fresh wound. I had asked Shrum to ignore.

3) Every single person was tapping into other’s phone and using google GPS tracking system to track the whereabouts of anybody. It was easy and cheap. During our tenure, we saw so many hooking. We were just tracking the disturbing elements, however there were some phones which I found tapping into official calls. It was hard to understand who they were since the routes used were often anonymous.

4) We also found out people from Shrum’s homeland, who were participating in the raucous. We do the posting on my friend’s site who has nothing to do with this whole episode and Shrum passes on the daily prophet. She and Shrum have never agreed to hear to anything whatsoever. She was well aware she might need another job or need to fend for herself anytime. The homeland people, specially caused a raucous for a little while.

5) When the family went on trips, on one such trip, to Kedarnath located at 12500 feet, we noted three people following them to such heights. Why? They impose and try to micro influence by using words, pictographs. Two girls and one guy were sandwiched between their room and their parents room. Whole night their sexual sounds and foreplay did not let shrum’s family sleep. That very evening, while they stood on the balcony watching the aura of the place, one girl came out and looked slyly at Shrum mumbling, “Be happy with what you have got, don’t try to run for things like this. We have to chase you now into mountains is it?” She was not looking at her. Shrum took her photo. She had no ear phones on. She looked again at her and left. The fun was that very day, the ex president of India also visited the holy land. Shrum reached by noon and just then roads were blocked. So the trio reached only by evening, missing a few precious personal moments of the family sadly.

6) In the next rented apartment, one day Shrum noted huge boot steps inside the house. Boots of men after she came from office at three. Her sister would obviously not wear men’s boots. She confirmed also with her sister who denied any service man from visiting her house.

We placed a hidden camera in her house. Lo! People walked in, sometimes. They searched her house, placed gadgets and retrieved gadgets. We had only one camera and we could not afford to see all the rooms always. But, yes, recorded versions stand of few days.

Question is, why were so much restrictions. Everything around her was being used for a reward and punishment system. If Shrum and Sheila did something good, small things would turn into rewards, if they did something not so good, the same food would turn into poison. Micro management to this extent was not allowing any growth for anyone. What were they doubting?

If they were doubting that we would know their trade secrets and open a business for ourselves they were wrong.

If they were doubting we would play with someone’s life, they were wrong.

If they suspected Shrum or Sheila of anything, why did not they ask them on the face as employers running some basic screening as happens in other organisations.

What were they punishing her for?

For what exactly? She had not touched even a single soul. We do not wish even today to touch a single soul. However even after five months of leaving the job, her phone, iPad and all other gadgets are still being monitored closely.

Are they ants moving towards bright light, blinded by the fact that Shrum is a girl and like every living organism, she holds the right in her country for self defence. She holds the right to object things she is not comfortable. The Indian constitution grants her such ability.

They had done enough, each of them. Trying to suppress a human in such a way simply shows they dint want her in the office. Five months after she left their chasing show they wanted her not in a way she was ready to serve but in a way they wanted her to be, but then a simple conversation into their crooked ways with Shrum could have given Shrum the freedom to decide more honourably.

If she walked out denying to follow their ways, it should have been respected.

Now, also since she has walked out of every life, they should not haunt back into her life.

These decrepitude and discoid did not serve the purpose nor does it serve now. They tried to show and find out loopholes in everything about Shrum. They imagined her a terrorist, a thief, a witch and many more. One day, as King sat beside her after sometime complained of severe headache. People did think that Shrum was a witch who could induce headaches in people. She herself suffered everyday from cluster, migraine and sinusitis. Had she been a witch, this would not be a case.

This is the story. Some events have been omitted since there is no proof.

This is our side of the story. We as woman, desire to live in peace too, even if we are ageing females devoid of a proper husband. We do not desire men to warm our beds, we do not desire to have associations with men in any form other than professional, friendly ways (friends only, no friends with added benefits, no friends who warm your bed or give you a baby, no affairs of unnecessary sort). A clean life, if that is what she desires.

If you can’t give a clean life to a woman, what about your daughters tomorrow. Do you want them to have such a life, strewn with men. Or would you marry them off early or in proper age just to make sure she is in custody. Do married women not encounter trouble? They do, but that’s another story not to be told today.

We wished to put our point on the forefront, nothing less, nothing more.


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