The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 25

One day five years later once she was riding on a tatouk she saw the bike made of bones. She took a picture and we laughed at it’s built.


There were no blood bleeding bones. There was only a few plastic bones hanging like a mat from the bonnet.


One day almost in 2016, she went for a walk pissed off from working even at five in the evening on a weekend.

There was a group of workers from her hometown who worked as daily labourers. There was a new building coming out everyday.

Now, just when Shrum reaches their residencies, a huge garring jarring sound she hears, the bike is at speed.


Shrum saw three men in a bike, the evening was closing in, darkness was just a step away. The street lights were casting their pale yellow glow down on the road. She had been on that road thousands of times. Nothing ever happened.

This bike stopped dead almost half a kilometre away from where Shrum stood. A mild breeze was blowing and Shrum hesitated moving forward.


The men wore deep coloured shirts and she did not notice their pants colour, she was looking at their faces. The faces were raging fire, she was not sure what they were muttering. One of them had a rod like object in his hand.

A man who knew Shrum, one of the labourers came forward shouting,

“Mam go back. Go back.”

Hearing him the other labourers dropped by, total eight of them including their wives began shouting, the area was pretty abandoned and no one stayed still on those homes.


The guy who had the rod slid past all and hit Shrum’s right leg hard. The right leg still has the Black mark caused from the wound.

Shrum hit him back with her fist and the labourers caught him by then.

They ran away riding their bike. Shrum kept the number for long.

Those labourers took her to their home and kept her for an hour. One of them followed her to her home.


She informed no one in her home, her mother did not notice it, nor did her sister.

She quietly bore it down. I went and asked those people what they were saying.


They were not clear what they said.

We again put the matter to rest since the whole point was not making sense.


Her sister had come down to study her masters.

She could not leave.

We did not know the reason yet for this violence.



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