The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 18

All was decided, she was moving. She had a new manager soon after the hanging session.

“It’s a scorpion behind you. No one knows when it slips in, when it attacks. Be alert, on the wake. You don’t have to kill any scorpion, you just have to prevent them from biting you.”

Lizzy was with me and we were having a cup of latte each.

“How did you like the porn? I am sure you have never known it also.” Lizzy smiled out. She had left the job, her fourth boyfriend and she was planning to study to go with me. But, she did not want robotics something simpler. She chose to do her Ph.D on studying the effect of music on paranormal waves around us.

Well, I did not believe in ghosts but it would be interesting if we could get the same University, so it was decided, she would only choose those which had my faculty.

But, I was not studying. I don’t know now how I studied so much back then. Five years, I was trying to find my sister, keeping a job, making contacts to know about my sister and Lizzy was breaking off from one moving to another trying to catch the stream of weakness where female are fed to just keep up this game even.

But Lizzy had put the wrong question to the big head, Shrum the answer she got makes her laugh even now. We still share it amongst our friends and my sister says,

“Had I seen it this way, I would have never wasted my years.” Some of my friend’s agree its a great way to see life. I agree but then we all are so busy and I have least contact with her except for the story which I am writing passing it onto her. She wants to survive on her own and take help only when required, she takes help only from people she calls her own and who have the potential to see when to leave her alone even if it means seeing her dying. She might not ask for help at all even then.

The answer was something like this,

“What porn? Is that something which addicts people? My God, I would have fainted. How illogical. How can you get attracted to a small tiny ugly place which smells bad sometimes, and the white slimy layers make it uglier even. How can you be addicted to such an act, not to people but to this very act, how can you not be addicted to love?

Is it the process which attracts humans or is it the hole, I could not understand. It was downright boring. With a man you love I understand. As an addiction of millions I don’t understand. Well there are many such soft things, flowers are also soft, why don’t people try with them? Now don’t go and say filthy minded men that there is a girl who has dared to think like this about a process. Or else, they might put their entire armies and nuclear powers to make me a whore. Even if they can’t they would create stories, a hype and make me look big. Like the shadow of a toad struck to a stick from one hole to another looks like a bear.”

Lizzy laughed inside, “Did you try groping yourself?”

“Well, I do that everyday. I need to keep my body clean. Remember. Someone just shine a torch, the penis and vagina look dirty. They are not at all beautiful. It’s like if you begin calling the drain, beautiful. It’s different when you produce a beautiful being with love for the bearer, the father but practising it with anyone, Waak thoo…..I would gargle and dettol bath and bleed my skin to death. I didn’t like it.”

“What if you fall in love?”

“Well, then what? I’ll love him, yeah unite with him. How do people get addicted to it I don’t understand. I understand necessities of other kinds. A whole empire rules on this trade, flesh trade. My sister was into it. She knew, but what she said could have saved many lives and probably wasted others. This addiction gives money to millions but also brings and bores ill.”

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