The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 15

Small things come and go.

Big things also come and go.

Small things can change big things.

Big things cant change small things.

Someone winked at her, someone spread their arms her cubicle guy while they were leaving at eleven from the office. She smiled on the front but was scared behind though she knew the man was not harmful that way. She could not voice since she knew well enough that an HR would take actions and if they did, it will also impact her. Without even doing anything she was hit already.

The HR may not take any action instead it might turn on her, since she was a woman.

In all probability she also knew light flirting won’t harm her as long as it was within limits.

I too knew that and asked her to ignore.

Meanwhile two of her colleagues had already asked her for night out, ignorance is often bliss when Shrum replied to them this,

“Night out, are you mad. I have to sleep, tomorrow again office is there, Saturday I have to always clean my room, get my things. Day out is only not possible forget night out. Who else is coming? You guys can go with them, anyways what else put a camp, eat, drink, talk shit and come back that’s it right?”

They smiled at her face and left that moment.

I told her the meaning knowing which she stopped talking to the guys.

She was hurt and I was the only one who could blow her cold.

But then one guy repeated it again and she warned him she would go to the HR.

She confronted, confrontation was to be avoided I told her at all cost, even her sister had warned her, but she did not know what other way to tackle it.

One day, Nidhi her cab mate told to King, “One day someone will begin harassing her so much that all will be lost, wait and see. She is always on her horses, trying to show, she alone knows or does everything. If this is the scene she will become manager before all of us and we would sit quietly. King however did not comment.

When Mr. New Kumar had initially joined, Shrum was very enthusiastic that probably she would now have a group of friend. One day there was a Cadbury bar in her bag peeping out of it, Mr. New Kumar asked it from her, she gave it to him.

“Wow, you got chocolate from Shrum? Amazing.” Everyone giggled around.

She too giggled not knowing what was wrong. This incident is of a much later date, but that day she probably was confirmed what or how they were trying to bend her existence.

Everyone asked Shrum, “Why you gave that bar to him full bar?”

“He asked, no one has ever asked me. I always have chocolates in office in my bag.” She shrugged and bent down reading her literature.

“Why did you take it or eat it whole, you could have shared?” People asked the Mr. New Kumar.

“She gave so I ate.” He said which seemed a rather simple answer to Shrum.

Once she was contented there could be no after effect of this action, she went back to working.

But, then this other guy came up with a statement which made Shrum uncomfortable.

“You are very fast, I would say, we were not so fast.” The staff around Shrum giggled and I told her why they giggled.

She too had learnt a few stuffs by then, so she gauged it.

Now, people did not let them be friends, she had not ridden her bike long and she was hoping to at least go for biking on weekends since he was linked to a biking club.

She kept it to herself imagining the cons of being surrounded by stupidity to this extent and then also when stupid people think they are wise instead knowing they are crooked.

Well, I too thought if she could find some confidante in office it would be nice.

She had never thought of love or any liking or any kind of short term bindings in the more polite sense of the word.

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