The Black Curtain chapter XXIV

“So, will you go around? Or shall, I bring it to you?” Marco was still the tough guy. He had not changed much from the percussions that life had juggled him with, Marco was still strong.

“I can come around.” I had felt perhaps a slight guilt hitting an old man, even though practically I did not see him making an effort to help me survive. However, I did drop in the place from where my life took off, I mustn’t forget that part.

“You want us to come?” Xi seemed very attached to the man.

“Yeah Xi, please come, it’s time, I guess. Lest she blows up again.” Marco rubbed his forehead and his tired eyes seemed to have no happiness. All of a sudden, things changed. He was laughing and now he was not. The words I heard in the end did not comfort me, I could tell that well.”

“Okay. Let’s move then.” Xi led the way. Lawrence, Martin and Rocky stayed back. I could see Rocky was already giving side glances to the dining facility board which hung loose pointing to the closed door.

“Hey, Marco. This way.” Xi led the way.

The facility where we stood once few seconds back was far from us.

It was a huge blank room. Nothing could be seen, except the white washed walls, the ceiling which was barely visible amidst thick and thin pipes which carried almost all the colours present in the colouring boards we had in our fine arts classes. Neon blue, neon pink, neon led the way. The colours made it a colourful zig zag. If you could only know how to look through these pipes, you might reach the roof way above those pipes.

The facility was consisting of two armed guards, there was a retina scan, a hand print and a laser device to wipe you out. The whole place had lasers or laser impact, each was laser toned or laser tuned.

This whole facility was built with tin being the main ingredient, asbestos also and probably what not.

Marco walked behind me and Xi was ahead of me. After a huge long, broad corridor which was monitored with three stations and the face was washed with a dab, in the next it was wiped with a brush and in the third it was a little amount of skin pinched in the neck and the jaws. The pinching was painless for Xi, who seemed quite used to it, but for Marco the ouch sounds kept beeping until he reached the end of the corridor.

“You don’t have a walking measurement rod like we usually see in Mission Impossibles?” I taunted.

“Sort of, off beat and not full proof.” Marco winked still wincing in pain.

Xi had vanished behind the door, we opened it. It was nice to see an ordinary door walking in motion sensors and after crossing almost a dozen hefty men in each stop, who were also monitored the same way, once they left and entered the facility.

They also had to undergo some additional checks which included some specific blood counts which were done on days they had their duties. No one left the facility ever. They had a market and a whole world within.

Their friends, families and children received best of care.

“How much money did you route?” It was beyond my imagination.

“Right here.” Xi’s voice clearly swam through the emptiness. It was a small room with too many lockers that reached almost close to the roof.

“Woooowww!” I looked up, “Do you go up?” I pointed upwards.

“No, absolutely not. They come down.” Xi lifted her nose and face up, making it quite evitable that she was feeling the feeling proud, as per the prima facie for me.

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