The Black Curtain chapter XXIII

“Where is that poem? I am amazed my father left back a poem and such great minds cannot solve it.” Since, the time I had picked up Marco life was not within my own control, it was sweeping past me at a rhythm not my own.

Rocky seemed to immensely enjoy but Mic was equally sad and remorseful, worrying, scared perhaps.

A beefy muscle and a gun or a tag does not make a human, non human. Every human is scared even the soldiers when they fight. That fear can be transformed into violence is the most amazing weapon humans have ever used against fellow humans and animals. I was incredibly impressed by the MIT scientists who ran the experiment.

Milawi was working on an experiment and one day while we shared a puff in the backyard, she told me,

“You know I would further a research in this stream. How violence in humans is controlled only by one very potent switch called fear. How humans over the years or animals have not attacked just only because they felt threatened, instead they felt fear- fear of survival, fear of losing, fear of everything they considered true at that moment.”

“That is what also drives humans insane.” I added.

She had no place to go and she had been under a lot of debt which she had borrowed. I had cleaned half of her debt and that’s how we became friends. Often brilliant minds are broke, a perfect place where the world wields it’s attack. But, then I became a broke while helping her. This could have taken me two ways- either made me hate her for losing my helpline helping her or could have made me have more compassion for her, but I chose to ignore both ways, I chose the middle path. It was neutral, non hateful and compassion paved the way of course.

“Fine, I must be away for work. You take care girl. Don’t take any more debts. I have left some money use it. Please cut down on everything that is taking you to destruction. You are a strong mind. You can counter nonsense well.”

“I was trying to become a part of this world. Since, now I have decided no longer to do that, you know the demons don’t even swim closer to my head.” She pressed the cigarette beneath her feet.

“How long would you be gone? She looked up from the burning cigarette.

“As long as it takes for the job and to fill back my bucket bringing it back to survival mode. I am penniless, do you know that? I have just 100 dollars to reach the airport and this one pair of dress and just one more in this bag.”

She smiled, “You always believed in travelling light.”

The taxi stopped and I was on it. The gleaming evening lights, the dim human figures, the drizzle all was a haze now.

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