The Black Curtain chapter XXII

“My dad never showed it to me.”

“In fact I think otherwise, he might have.” Lawrence had perhaps no idea or maybe all of it.

Marco was perhaps not feeling that bad now. He stood up, the shield was removed, We later knew it was a laser beam channel which activated as soon as anybody entered the circle, visibly there was no way to get rid of it since it ran down fifty feet below and up to the roof. It covered all major vaults and all the water and sanitation facility, so basically anyone within that parameter of fifty feet would be caught, since the wall would come up automatically alerting the security. It did not run on electricity and hence stopping electricity was not an alternative. It ran from a reservoir which contained the lightning ⛈ and generated electricity only to cover this mammoth invisible giant.

“How did you do it?” Rocky seemed so absorbed in everything he heard.

“Well, it’s easy you see. We capture small gushes of lightning. We do not capture anything which is generating huge fields, yet those are enough to protect the reservoir from invasion since they slowly amplify in the reservoir and also facilitate its use as and when required.” Xi seemed proud of this ghost facility.

“Okay, I suppose rest of the questions cannot be answered for security reasons.” Lawrence added.

Rocky nodded like a good boy.

“What about the letter? Is anyone showing it to me?”

Just then the gamma radiator switched off and within a second the Black Curtain was in Marco’s hand. But, we were again wishing the white spurt or fountain of puffy light emanating from the laser beam.

“Does this make sense?”

I took it in my hands. It had not changed. The cushion like object which could be stretched into a curtain and could be squeezed into a match box, was never away from my memory. Earlier I had never wondered about what it was? What it was made up of? What comprises it’s molecules? What could be done with it? I was happy then, now I was not, since my mind was not blank, it was an active volcano.

Marco took it from my hand. He placed it back in its place, covered it with an equally soft white piece of muslin cloth and boom! the gamma lantern came alive.

The two men took position and switched off the laser beam. The beam had to be switched off on either side at the same time. A second’s delay could be fatal.”

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