The Black Curtain chapter XVI

“Hola, hola, Marco.

Has traĆ­do amigos?” The man was beefy, red like carrots and had a strange glint in his eyes.

Lutes….Lutes….my friend…it’s been long. Si…..friends.” Marco introduced us.

Rocky was unusually jolly, probably the fact that he had met another jowly face.

“So, let’s go.” Lutes was a strange name.

“I must admit your man is a little weak.” Marco whispered into my ears.

“Yes, heroes don’t do nine to five jobs, he feels and that’s what he does. Since he is not a hero, rest assured courage is not his forte.”

“Courage of a truer kind….not the ill willed ones, since I’ll will requires courage too, but the courage is aligned diametrically opposite to the true ones.”

Marco was with me on the rear seat.

“Well, but the man must be good for you to like him.”

“Of course he is. I wish if only we could be together forever, only if he had courage to see and stand.” I smiled at Marco.

“Well, What if he already has someone?” Marco was asking questions and I was not seeing a point, he was drawn perhaps by the urge to believe in good endings. He perhaps was suffering from anticipating results of actions and above all good actions and good results, good endings.

“Well, I wish and would always pray all the happiness in the world then and just be happy knowing he exists and loves and lives. That does not change my feelings. Yes, of course I would not say I can be selfless yet I am not a selfish shell, by all means.” The hairs was now on my face and it was flowing over, trying to divorce me and was probably planning to marry the hot winds.

The jeep was moving faster, faster than the winds.

The hangar had a left half and the right half. Lutes went right and Marco took us left.

“You know the drill, see you on the other side.” Lutes shouted from the other half.

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