The Black Curtain chapter V

“So, your daughter is brave. She chose to fight.”

“Yes, invariably I found it rejoicing, she is a free thinker, boundaries mean nothing to her, most importantly she chooses to not see them.”

“Marco, we are taking a flight from here. You will have to be sedated during the journey as per the protocol.”

“So….Okay….But, is it not fun if we keep talking our hearts out?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Ms.Romanikoff, please allow us to do the check in process.”

“Yes, carry on boys.”

“My daughter became a doctor. She hosts the United Nations in our lands, serves many, poor mostly. What did you become?”

“I roamed around free for long too, petty jobs. There was no way home. My grandma had once told me that if you ever feel cruelly towards others open your heart and stand in a crowd. Listen all around you. Amidst laughter you will see lines underneath eyes, pumped up faces, swollen faces, swollen eyes. The more you observe them the more you know, where to look, what to do. I enrolled in an agency and had to change three agencies before I came across this woman who came fighting to the office one day. She was throwing out her baby sitter for the eighth time. I had been doing nothing for almost two years from where you dumped me. A bit of pick pocketing, stealing, begging, reciting poems on the street or singing to another’s guitar is all I did. I had gone to withdraw my name that very day and had thought of crossing over to the next best country. So, I took up school by night and a job by day. She is a very kind lady and she kept me as her baby sitter, allowed me six hours of sleep before I left for school. That was in a small street in Paris, where she held a boutique.

After doing that for almost eight years I became the nanny to the same girl. I completed my education and now had a family. I couldn’t have asked for more. Her daughter went for a degree in fine arts and I too went for a degree in criminology with the money she gave me all these years.

I joined a secret service agency and later moved to this holistic wing, where I search for noted criminals who have turned good over the years and if they are alone, hand them over to someone who might be willing to take care of them. It’s an initiative and lack of funds may soon see it’s end. In fact, you might be the last one we are assigned for assistance. You had applied?”

“I hadn’t, Ms. Romanikoff.” Marco shrugged.

“Then who did?”

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