Tears are good!!

Tears are good!!

Tears are good, really they are, indeed.

Tears are better than smiles since they

show you your own, and those who are

pawns of The world, clowns behind the bar.

Tears are a window when your vision

is blur, yet you can see quite clean, crimson

and reds, whites and blues of the green world.

Green in jealousy! Green in the fields.

Tears expose the mockery very well,

It tells you, flint hearts walk wild.

It tells you people bother you,

Not that they love you, but how they hate you.

Tears are good, for they hold up a mirror

to your eyes, in which there is a balm.

How men love to hate.

How they love to despise.

The matadors of today are the

Damnatio ad bestias of yesterday,

For violence runs deep in the veins of man,

Tears are good for they hold up a mirror.

They show you the truth.

They show you the sly,

They show you who cannot be your own.

Which brings you to a heart lighter, after you mourn.

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