Sagittarius women

sagittarius women
A Sagittarius woman can often not show her heart.
A Sagittarius woman prefers to tell the world a small story vaguely about her life.
She is never shallow.
She just pretends to be, when she is not with right people.
She lives with patience. Her patienc is only for people she deems her own.
She is lively only to hide a sorrow.
She laughs since she is deep, knows life is just a small quintessence of dust,
Fakeness dose not touch her, if she is not self imposing it,
They do not tell full story to the world, just outlines so as to keep people’s curiosity at bay.

She declares since the world would anyways know her deeds much before she actually wishes to make everything public.
So despite being intensely private, she is wise enough to remove the wraps for people to peep in slightly, but only a little.
She will never walk where she does not want to.
She will never lie to people who matter.
She would never play clever with people she knows matter,
She is straight and might tell a point as it is,
You should know, twisting is not required.
If she is wrapped with someone, she will stay forever, her love will never fade,
She is not at all a passionate creature, but she is wild and might have done few mad things.
She loves to paint a face she loves and would live with it days after days.
She says she is waiting, no matter what happens, she will wait,
She is honest to friends, to the point where often she will remain stuck.
For her time does not move in leaps and bounds,
For her time is like 56 hours in a day.
Life is always a slow motion picture for her, for she deems it can only be real when you are slow,
She might have not understood what she has to do, if she is not doing anything.
She can be dumb, but not proud.
Tell her and she will come to you,
She can live without anyone, though she is vulnerable when she finds someone who matches her soul.
She tells it right on the face, she does not practise deceit.

She can separate imagination from reality, truth from lie, even if it is like a needle in a haystack.

She knows it all, she sees it all, but she still is innocent, would like to preserve it, thus does not enter the world much.

She does not believe in fights, she believes in peace, she sees how far can one go with ones own imagination.

She will live and love.

She is often the subject of scrutiny since she thinks different.

She has no said definition for she knows all definitions are man made. Each has several contradictory definitions.

If you try to engage her in war or anything she has no time for, she would ignore it and you would be deeply disappointed for she does not live to make war, she knows that.

She can wait till you arrive truly.

She knows when you have truly arrived.

She is her own horse, she is good at sniffing.
How do I know all this, since I am a Sagi girl.