Real Rules ruling the Earth still

Courage, Love and power to Sacrifice are very important factors which still rule the world. Rare and extremely invaluable. So, if you come across any, take it, without doubting it. If you can be eligible enough to at least give one, then give it without thinking any further.

The trine, it is said can be possessed by none equally and when it does, the man becomes a master, a God, then.

However, more important than the powers is the ability of the person to know when to use it and when not to use it.

The discretion has the power to save us and also destroy us. Since, it is this very discretion which serves as the gate to the mansion of the trio. Once the gate is weak, or is weak enough to be easily overthrown, our trine powers which is given to us, to use it to serve others and ourselves equally, can turn into an utter nightmare of destruction and wrath abandoning the very Nature of Creation.

The religion of kindness is preached by all in the world, every single religion, shouts and screams day in and day out, some more and some less, yet they all stand in unison and admit to this one philosophy. But, strangely only a few humans can have the strength to do it. Sometimes, being kind is also costly for some people and so cruelty prevails whether they want or they don’t.

Unfortunately, religions all across, have not been able to create a single door or gateway to the trine mansion, the number of humans equals the number of gateways in the world. Hence, sadly each human has to learn to control that gateway all by themselves. All religion can do in this case is serve as a back bone to help build the body. Now, to do this, a man has to learn to control million other things incorporated as branches, broadly classified as seven sins by the Holy Bible.

So, only when we have worked so hard, do we know when to be using and when not to be using our judgements.

It is again said in the Holy Bible, that, “a human should be as clever as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.”

Christianity teaches this statement in one single line, Zen teaches through stories Sufism through the parables. However, we still are to know how many in the crowd actually know the meaning of each word in the statement and how many can further implement this in their daily life.

We must know that when we are talking about the trine values, then this cleverness and harmlessness would imply the judicious judgement which is required when we are unleashing such powers.

Science and religion go hand in hand, even science preaches the same thing. Science is not very different from religion, in fact religion can also be defined as an older or budding version of science, the older versions are not used generally once the modern versions are in use, but they are the ultimate backbones hence, require to be referred daily to drive continuity and flow.

We live in a world full of people, I often wonder which switch when pressed leads to so much confusion in the human mind. How or what factors require a change to make most humans to not think the way they do?

Is it important then, for the world to have a constant tug of war. What purpose does chaos serve if it cannot bring order. Prolonged chaos can be dangerous since humans have a strange knack to consider what they see and hear as true, often, since having to use judgement to know and analyse which is true and which is not is another pain in the sternum of human race. Chaos continues as several communities come into existence and even several humans who are strong enough to serve as communities. Almost countless such communities exist all across the world adding to the chaos.

Is it several rituals all across the world which mars the clarity of the Being within us or on a lower level even mars the human clarity. I think at least if the human clarity could remain, it could serve the purpose, but it has not. Or, is it the several norms or belief systems which abound the Earth on a wholesome level? Is it lack of reach of modern ethics and principles?

Sadly, even in this twenty first century, there is a whole wave of human population which is festered by wounds arising out of false beliefs and small thinking running in abundance and in entirety, the darkness engulfing millions generations after generations. Humans prefer to stick to mad thoughts and unsolicited ways, since it is easy. But, if this chaos keeps running larger and heavier, and sooner we do not empty, we might run into bigger troubles, which might not only be limited to anhilition of the entire human civilisation replaced by another newer race by Nature, but far more bigger problems. Nature in it’s formidable form is known to very few, beyond, but a veil.

Thus, to conclude, courage, love and sacrifice can be simple stepping stones to provide this balance. Many Humans whom we worship in several different religions have understood it, and shown the path, but even, then we have missed. If all of us could contribute towards these three virtues little by little, then such huge sacrifices by few handful men scattered across the human time on earth would not have been required, the emanation of the zenith of these virtues, which comes from a single person once in several years to regain this balance of Nature and prevent Nature from turning outrageous would not be required.

Thus, our work would be to know, exactly out of this three, which one is it that we aren’t good at and then with all our heart pursue that one quality mastering it as strongly as possible thus, saving the world from impending dooms and calamities, and preventing one person sacrificing selflessly thus allowing each human to live helping each of us to live and thrive in return within the rollercoaster that life has to offer each time a baby is born.