Poetry with Elaine May Smith

Elaine May Smith


Poetry with Elaine May Smith (Children’s Author, Poet & Presenter) touched me when we shared it together.


Poetry is enriched when friends and acquaintances come together and share each other.

Her wonderful eulogies can break and make your heart as more lives touch you and show a way.

I am here to share her work with you.


Oh! Yes, I must mention where I found her- of course, on IndieITPress.

They have a huge group and you can join any.


You too are invited to share yourself with the wonderful bunch of talent that sits here.

Take lessons you want or make friends, share poetry and thoughts.

Now, Elaine is a writer too! Her poetry mostly revolves around her personal experiences and I am sure many can find yourselves through her words.

You can read her books Amazon.


Yes, don’t forget to hop into her site in WordPress, of course!


Poetry by Elaine May Smith

An eulogy to her mother


You survived the War and the London Blitz,
You survived the Reno Casino glitz,
You lost your father, you lost your mother,
You lost three sisters, you lost six brothers,
You made your home in Stonehaven,
You said you’d leave only for Heaven…

You gave your three kids inspiration,
You loved them and their next generation,
You set high standards for all you knew,
You gave advice to help us through,
You loved to make us laugh and smile,
You gave your all, that extra mile…


You’ve earned a rest from this rough place,
You’ve earned respect for your amazing grace,
You’ve earned our honor to do you proud,
You’ve earned your place above the crowd,
You’ve earned your right to say your piece,
You’ve earned your right to rest in peace.

Elaine May Smith – 14th March 2018


For her friend


Where to begin to count the ways
Your life on Earth has cheered our days?
Through thick and thin your radiant smiles
Shed light and warmth across the miles

My Mum and your Oma linked us together
Your short time in Scotland we knew you forever
The strength and humor you portrayed
Is the precious memory that has stayed


The sunshine brought along with you
Lives in our hearts to help us through
An angel on Earth spreading light from afar
Takes her rightful place among the stars

Elaine May Smith – 14th March 2020



3 thoughts on “Poetry with Elaine May Smith

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my tribute poetry, especially as this week marks the anniversary of losing both my mother Hilda and my friend Amelia. Their memories live on as these poems are shared.

    I am very happy to have met you in the Poetry group of IndieItPress and I do hope this post will encourage others to join us there to share poetry.

    Thanks for your kind words and for proving that we can travel the world through our writing without leaving the house!

    1. Yes I too hope the same, I would consistently put up indieitpress on my blog and also my Instagram account. Additionally I am going to put up some more poems in the poetry group, it might take a little while for indieitpress to come up

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