One dream! It keeps coming back

There is just one dream that keeps coming back to me ever since I remember I have been dreaming, like since my early childhood and it is this,

“An angel is all set to drop me down a big, dark tunnel and as I stand beside the winged guy, all happy and excited for a new life, he turns to me and says,

“Are you sure you want to go through this dark and meaningless pursuit called life?”

I am dumbstruck, and so I ask, “Am I not preparing all these days for just this?”

“Yes, but you haven’t picked up everything, still and I wonder if you can even manage there all alone and trust me, I would rather like having you here. Life on Earth is boring. There’s nothing much to do. You keep repeating yourself in different ways, it’s just that. Making meaning out of it, is really tough, given you’re not even rightfully trained.”

Why didn’t you do it then?” I charge him this time.

But just when he is about to answer the “why”


Then I am out into the open.

I hear nothing but I realise I am somewhere I was not previously and lo! I begin to panic.

That’s when I cry out for the first time since the world around me looks exactly the way my handsome angel had defined it.

I am cleaned and out of shock and tiredness I fell asleep and then the angel appears again.

“Could you come back?”

I panicked but by then, my aunt, a newbie in this field excitedly picks me up and goes out of the hospital room to show me to her friend.

In this cold night, freshly born, I go out in my towels with my aunt.

I close my eyes and I nod to my angel. He smiles as I go unconscious.

The cold was to much for me to tolerate since the hospitals did not have warm corridors in those times when I was born.

“But then there is a flurry of reactions, a warm heater and a voice’s intervention keeps me back on Earth.

The voice says, “Ohh boy! Why do you want her now? I am sure a few days of yours and a few years of hers would do you both good.”

What have I learnt?

  1. The Last Leaf by O’Henry teaches us to have hope and all of us must keep creating our masterpieces to keep up that hope that drives humanity since ages.
  2. The story of the two monks and the injured woman by an anonymous writer tells how Monk 1 is the one who has carried the injured woman on his back and yet after dropping her on her village gate, he forgets all about her whereas, the second monk goes ahead and complains to the head monk about the first monk’s action which he interprets to be against the protocols of monkhood. So, there are two kinds of people in this world and it is always better to stick to the like-minded ones.
  3. The adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Samuel Langhorne Clemens teaches me to live my life with my brains right on my shoulders. So, when someone gives me a fence to paint and I want to go fishing, I need to find another who could enjoy whitewashing the fence for me.
  4. God sees the truth but waits by Leo Tolstoy teaches me when God is lazy to act, you must not be like Aksionov but instead should stand up and fight for rights.
  5. The Bet by Anton Chekov teaches me not to be part of any bet and even if I am, I should be like the lawyer, renouncing what needs to be, only to rise again.

I laugh and scream out of joy.

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