Mind and it’s windy games

Stop playing mind games,


For my heart is in flames


for the one who has a java scripted name,

Tall, dark, handsome of hunky dory fame.

If you play games with my mind,


I would hide behind your hind,

You would never be able to find,


Where I hid in this grind.

So, if you like me, I can live

All my life with you and thrive

Both you and me, go for scuba dive


When you are not caring for the sick hive.

It does not matter if you remain a hunk

Because I dream of you all night in my bunk

Do not play mind games hunk


Coz we have a long way to cover in chunk

I love you, you know that


You don’t trust me, your choice hat,

You believe in differences, sorry to hear it flat


My ears and nose smell you, no matter what.

If you cannot be a hero,

I can stay with you, a straight no,


Can you keep me forever with a good name, a curt no.

I stand at your door, knocking.

You won’t let me in,

You play mind games like a gin,

But, I know somewhere I have a fin,

I run off my truths, my kin, my chin, my sin.

Vanishing in thin air,

Do not get in my lair.

For come now on your own,

It shows what you have sown

Come now, we have a long way to go,

Without you, I would be lost with me,

A doe with her friends and foe.

But, you won’t come on your feet and toe.


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