Love, live, and breathe

Live your life, they say.
Love your life, they say.
Learn your life, they say.
But I say, do nothing, just be.
An effort can create ripples when those are the last desired.

If you check on people,
Very few come alive.
Very few declare their lives,
Well, cover everything under the wraps.
Just leave a little outside for the world to see.
Or else, they would want to stripe all,
Open ajar and leave nothing.
Therefore, i say leave a little in the open.

One day, a man told to another,
“Do you know how to love?”
The other nodded,
“I do not, I learnt it when I shared it with another.”

What do you do in your free time?
“Yoga, madness, bungee jumping?”
“Nothing, eating brains?”

Social media, big deal, since no one pays attention.
Connection is just a word over exaggerated.
Love is not to be publicised.
It is to be lived every ounce.
Who knows whom I love by reading a mere poem.
It will always be between you & me
Till you decide.

Go through the corridors of hell.
Go through the gardens of heaven.
Only then you know truth,
Only then you know love.

Quiet as I stand.
Quiet as I scream,
Quiet in the shadows,
Quiet in the gleam.
I live quiet, only to talk little.
I close mostly, only to let other do the talking.

You are not knowing your worth.
You are not knowing yourself.
You are a girl and not a mere tree.
You are a swirl and not entirely free.