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I am sure by now you guys know well, this is one of my favorite topics.

But, indeed I can’t stop thinking how the world becomes smaller and warmer with acquaintances and how it becomes distant with strangers.

Strangers who are sometimes our own and sometimes, not our own.

If they are not our own, it is better since then we don’t know them.

But sometimes you find strangers coming together and creating a cup for you- a cup of joy that you can drink with them happily, strangers yet not unknown.

I stumbled upon IndieITPress through Leisa Greene.

The Harrowing Tale of FeelingsWhen I lived quite a bit in life,I knew I had learnt to feel.Felt tears, felt smiles, anger, revenge,falsities, brevity’s delight.I felt many more things like I was lessa human and something else.I felt a bird, a tree, an animal, a cat.Often a mouse, a blade of grass and also a bat.But, then I…Read more– Sneha (@snehashree17) March 22, 2021

For viewers here is the complete poem for you.

The Harrowing Tale of Feelings- IndieITPress

When I lived quite a bit in life,
I knew I had learnt to feel.
Felt tears, felt smiles, anger, revenge,
falsities, brevity’s delight.
I felt many more things like I was less
a human and something else.
I felt a bird, a tree, an animal, a cat.
Often a mouse, a blade of grass and also a bat.
But, then I knew not why I felt so much.
I looked around but humans don’t feel such
things. I felt compassion and love, filial love once, oft late.
Then I asked myself how it served me?
When I began feeling humans around.
Oh! I write a bit to feel my surround.

Now that I am part of the group, why don’t you join me in this wonderful group?

The group offers courses and a lot more than that. Come together and we can build something out of the space too.

Join me in IndieITPress for more poems and poetry together. Since the world of poetry is like praying together.

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