I chose to love it that way one time

It is a continuation of narrative poetry.

But, then love touched the poetry, the truest form and I would sway a little. But, then the winds will always touch him within the spirits of the white coat.

When you love truly,

You love alone and often freely.

When you love truly,

You see it clear, you see him

and you see the world.

You see the light and you see the shade.

You see what you like and what you don’t.

You see what you waited for all this while.

You see none can fool you, nor even the one you love.

When you love truly,

You see the schemes, the plots, the madness

that strikes the world, that wound.

You know who did what, who’s who?

When you love truly,

You love to know that people

weaved a web under your nose,

Inviting you to step into it.

When you don’t, since you are naive,

yet you are concise, they wrap

a bouquet to fool you to the door.

But then, then wondrous magical love

happens and you see it all with eyes open.

The world can tell lies, a thousand of them

behind me, since the world knows several faces

from the past hold the key which

would open

the casket full of vices, gifted in wraps

of gold, silver and red rubies.

When you love truly.

You know love has finally set you free.

You know love has given you wings unseen.

No longer you need to stay in the love,

yet you do, only to be free in the end.

But, then you do not meet your love.

A love which was never meant to be,

But do you remember me, tell me?

If you do in your fuzzy big head,

why not have the love

and the freedom? Free at last.

But, I will be gone for long,

A memory or a moment perhaps.

I stay in your mind, a small bubble.

When you only love truly.

I am free in the end.

Free of all chains.

Free of pains.

Free of brains,

Free, free of refrains,

Free of terrains,

Free from vanity vain,

Oh! Love you know it,

Only when you love truly.

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