How long can you grieve?

How long can you

sit in stations, in trains,

in buses, in plains, in parks,

Up on hills and grieve.

How long can you

see the sad humans, bad ones,

rugged ones, kind ones,

sweet ones, mourning people.

How long can you grieve?

Grieve for a home,

Grieve for a bed,

Grieve others have more,

Grieve for your sore.

How long can you grieve?

Even in bed how can you

not see it still rains, it still shines,

The moon, the sun.

Beauty abounds, asking you

to rejoice even at your last breath

How long can you grieve?

Loss of love,

Loss of money,

Loss of fears and worries,

Loss of greed,

Loss of losses.

For you cannot grieve more than

what you live, life goes back,

to what they say normal.

When you get the nature’s call,

When you feel hungry,

When you thirst for more.

What then is grief?

Is it not real?

Is it not true?

What we cannot do forever

Is often untrue.

Love is true

Sometimes, we can love forever.

But grief, is it then true?

For how long would you grieve?

How long would you sit and not see.

7 thoughts on “How long can you grieve?

    1. Really? I was slightly hesitant putting it forth…I kept it in my closet longer than two days….i was not confident about this piece at all….this gives me joy….thank you so much

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