great barrier reef spawning

The great barrier reef is spawning

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is spawning (producing sperms and eggs). As they move up in the waters, you feel like comparing them to anything like-

  • A flurry of snow
  • The smoking chimneys, and
  • Even the yellow or pink balls.

The world under the Sea seems to have brightened up in different colors this season as the Great Barrier Reef comes alive to create the grandest sexual event of the world.

Corals are similar to colonies of plants where individual animals called polyps reside. The most synchronized event of the world, millions and millions of eggs and sperms (as the Great Barrier Reef is spawning) float in the water together every year during this time.

In the last few years, witnesses claim the event to be either a trickle or one of the mass explosions. But this year, the whole coral pulses have come together to release their generations forward.

Photos from the Great Barrier Reef show corals unleashing a colorful storm of eggs and sperm
Gareth Philips on 24th November, 2021: Business Insider

Birthing in full swing is a stellar event for those who love the underwater world.

As the water warms, spawning continues to happen. This year seemed to be one of the most wonderful of many.

What role have the oceans played for us?

They too, like the trees absorb the carbon dioxide excess produced by humans. This way the ocean water temperature and acidity are rising all around the globe. But, this way as we are stressing the Earth, we are also stressing the waters.

Due to this extreme stress, corals often expel out the algae on which they depend for food and beauty.

Without the algal mass, the coral reefs will be white.

But soon after the algae are released the corals die due to lack of food.

The event is infamously known as coral bleaching.

This way we have made almost 14% of the world’s corals commit suicide. The data is as per reports from the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network.

Why is this Great Barrier Reef spawning special?

How much coral do you think we have killed this way?

More than what is present in the coral reefs of Australia.

But, with this year’s spawning, there seems to be some hope that all is not lost. Since, in five years, there were three coral bleaching events that ripped off the algae from the corals.

Home to more than 25% of the world’s marine animals and plants, it is a source of food, shelter, entertainment, and a guard standing to protect the coastal flooding.

This year the spawning seems to be happening a bit earlier than its usual time due to the warming of the waters, increase in the day’s length, saltiness increase, and also the rising tides.

However, even though it’s happening much earlier, yet it is a mystery for many and a source of joy and hope to others who are desperate to save the planet world.

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