sun- Venus or explore mars

Where should you live? Venus or explore Mars?

Live in Venus or Mars

Should we choose Venus ?

Even though we are all set to explore Mars?

If for a moment, I could ask which planet would you choose to stay after Earth, will you fall back to thinking about it?

If you do fall back to thinking about it, that’s a good thing. It means you are considering your options.

What do we have on our platter?

The outer planets and the inner planets together we have 9 planets;

What do these planets say about living?

Should we explore Mars or even try Venus


Yes, the biggest, of course, but the angriest of all.


Next best with rings that house elves and fairies who sing day and night to keep the Earth and the entire solar system in balance.


Can you think of it? Too unpredictable, I would say.


It is full of water which is good, but then you can’t make your hut on the water!


Home will be too far, and God knows when we will be traveling at the speed of light?


Does no one know how wise it is to stay so close to the sun? Well, too close to the hot, dashing, rumbling, roaring sun, it could mean a shadeless living, and aren’t we so used to the darkness and beautiful shadiness of people and places? Will it mean only sunny people can live on Mercury? Humans are soft and delicate creatures, and too much sun can char them to their ashes.

Mars is an option. Hmm mmm! 
Many countries are investing to explore Mars!

Yes, it is an option, for sure. The same amount of sun’s rays and a lot of light and dark make Mars exploration more promising and better than any.

Venus is, with an atmosphere, has a surface formed 150 million years back. Well, won’t it be worth exploring?

Head straight to our reasons for choosing it as our next home? I think i can stay but do you think you can?

1. Venus is of the same size as Earth?

Does that make it a good place to be? The whole of Earth can just migrate to Venus! Exciting, isn’t it?

Trip to Mars
HERA Mission

2. Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

Is there a possibility that women move to Venus with men in their support, and men move once we have explored Mars with those women who support them? Well, that is not possible, absolutely not. Though men and women are different from each other, they are co-dependent on each other for maintaining life on Earth. If people need to move, they need to do it in a way that both men and women travel to Venus as well as to Mars in equal or slightly variable ratios after we complete exploring Mars.

3. Venus is Earth’s twin for being the only planet with an atmosphere after Earth!

Homer’s books, “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey,” mention Venus as a beautiful star.

John Gray uses the planet to define relationships.

Frankie Avalon’s song “Venus” became popular and topped the Billboard charts in 1959.

The planet gives sisterly vibes as its thick atmosphere is replete with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Let’s see if it suits your taste?

Is Venus our toxic twin?

Venus is the same size as Earth, and as we ramble repeatedly, Venus has an atmosphere.

But its atmosphere is far more toxic than our own.

It won’t be nice if everyday you get up and smell sulphuric acid for your breakfast and endure the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide.

However, can someone do something to make it worth living, given it has its natural umbrella? We need to wait and see if space scientists can come up with a way to evade such a smelly atmosphere while using it to our benefit.

At 700 deg. Fahrenheit, you cannot imagine living with the kind of anatomy and physiology of the human body. Its high temperatures are not thankfully due to its closeness to the sun but due to the ability of its atmosphere to trap greenhouse gases while they strike the surface of Venus.

With years shorter than the days, how will it be living there?

One thing that I always crib about is time, less and less time, here on Earth. A day’s work just needs one more day, sometimes more than a week or a month.

Well, anyone who suffers from lack of enough time on Earth can surely consider Venus to be the brightest alternative.

Rotation is slower!

One day on Venus is 243 days on Earth.

Yihoooo!!! If someone tells you to complete your work in a day, you have all the time on Earth to do it on Venus. Wow! Refreshing, and I am almost daydreaming about the comforts I can have on Venus as much as time is concerned.

Can a young crust be safe enough?

NASA says its surface is just 150 million years old.

What would that mean?

Does that mean Venus revamped its surface in the last 150 million years?


Will it mean that Venus’s surface is just 150 million old?

I think we are yet to find out that!!

Does terrain diverseness mean more exploration?

The terrain is full of volcanoes, mountains, and rifts alternating with expansive plains that are volcanic, irregularly interspersed with ridged plateaus.

It means there is a chance that atmospherically different terrains will have different types of climates.

The question is, how different can it be? Can it be as different as it is here on Earth, or will it be far more diversified?

Stinky clouds can be a stinker bomb when two people fight?

Sulphuric acid could be a stinker bomb, and you don’t need to go far to get it. Just lift your hands in the air and reach out for the clouds. Almost located within 45 to 70 kilometers, the clouds can smell like rotten eggs.

Other than serving as gas bombs, there is not much you can do with its clouds.

Do you need to observe caution thus when thinking about being in Venus? Can you solve it, maybe pump ozone below the H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)? Will H2SO4 not mix and eat up all the ozone layer? Chances are, if you are serious, you must come up with a better idea to dodge these clouds.

Can landers survive on her, given she is also hot despite an atmosphere?

Leave alone landers, can you find out a way to survive on Venus despite its ravishing heat?

Our soft supple body is too delicate for harsh climates and can succumb faster than you think.

How will it be with the Sun rising in the West?

If you have read about its rotation (on its axis), you must also know about its revolution (the one where it goes round and round the sun also).

It takes 225 Earth days to revolve around the Sun.

What does it imply?

More and more New Year celebrations!

Every day will have one New Year celebration.

Didn’t I say it takes 243 Earth days to complete a rotation and 225 days to complete a revolution which means every day will be a New Year!

I can’t wait to celebrate each day!

On Earth, we merely say it- celebrate each day as it comes, but on Venus, you really get to do it! Just not in the literal sense, but in reality, yes, yes, truly. Wow!

Would you, do it? Will you leave Earth for Venus? Are you excited?

Does it give you hope that you can do something in Venus?

Well, what I have mentioned is merely seeming to be the beginner’s luck, and hence the journey seems longer than we can perhaps even count- a few generations of us perhaps!

What do we do, keep exploring Mars or go to Venus

Next destination will be Mars- explore Mars with me, of course, and maybe you can stay there. After Mars was explored it has given hope, what about Venus, I think its time we explore it too.

Well, Venus too, and I guess post these transitions, humanity will be rid of reasons, and warring each other might stop once and for all, and all will be peaceful again!

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