Can dogs 🐢 be scared of your presence?

Do you see the tiny little teeth in the pic above?

Well, you must be amazed to know that it was thrown out of the gate. It’s naughty.

As it waits to return back to its favourite place, I caught a pic of it.

Its 😴 tired and my clicks irritated 😀 it.

Can dogs be scared of your presence?

When humans can get scared and you can excuse them, why can’t you excuse dogs. Only if you know their nature, you can.

So, if you see though it is scared, it is still courteous enough, trying to shoo me off, by only baring its tiny, almost invisible front set of teeth.

But, then I keep clicking and irritate it to such an extent, that it actually begins πŸƒ running behind me.

In 99% of the cases, this is the situation. You irritate dogs 🐢 often enough for them to chase the hell out of you.

Now, next step.

Do you chase it back or do you run πŸƒ away?

Let me tell you, either ways it would feel more irritated 😀 and prefer chasing you.

So, once you realise they are about to chase you, hold your breath. Remember just one ☝️ thing, do not go by its size.

Do the following instead,

1) Sing a song if you are good 😊 at it.

2) Try to talk to the dog 🐢 in a commanding voice. It would calm down. Do not scold, it offends them since they too, like humans understand that scolding is a form used for humiliating others.

3) Talk softly yet command it as you wish. No matter you have a chihuahua or a Tibetan lion 🦁 mastiff, it would start moving away from you towards its own journey.


light for th day and have a wonderful evening!

2 thoughts on “Can dogs 🐢 be scared of your presence?

  1. That’s something hadn’t much to do with , heard that you shouldn’t stare at a dog without giving a command. Is it true dogs are normally friendly when they sniff each other from behind , they don’t normally sniff each others faces

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