Depression is caused by?

What do you think my friends?

Causes behind depression?

Do you have any ideas?

Well, I have some.

If, you have any more reasons, please feel free to leave a reply and we can take it forward.

To understand the cause behind any condition ( I would not call it a dis-ease), we need to first bind it by terms, the ones which we can relate to, the ones which we hear every time around us when this particular topic crops up.

So, we would consider an explanation as per World Health Organisation (WHO),

Depression is a common mental disorder, characterised by persistent sadness and a loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy, accompanied by an inability to carry out daily activities for at least two weeks.

Now, overall, a person can expect to see the below changes-

1) A lack of energy- a drained feeling.

2) A cyclical change of appetite- it might be decreased appetite (anorexia in severe form) or increased appetite (polyphagia in severe form).

3) Sleeping cycle changes.

4) Decreased concentration.

5) A state of indecision or an inability to decide.

6) A restless feeling

7) A guilt feeling 

8) Feelings of worthlessness.

9) Feelings of causing harm to self or feelings of suicide.

Now, in the next phase, we would group all these symptoms under a few generalised heading for two reasons-

1) To make more sense of what we read and what all, we need to take home from it.

2) To move forward in our sense of understanding. We should know that there are many a times, in our life when such a condition appears due to lack of understanding of all these points. By understanding, I do not mean a basic understanding but what I mean, is more of an understanding which involves a change in our neurological circuit.

It cannot be that we would not cry, laugh, or stop being active or passive.

However, it means experiencing every emotion without undergoing the trauma exuded by that particular emotion. 


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