Days in waiting

What do you wait for?

Love, freedom, life, better life, healing and all those words.

What if I tell you, I am waiting for all to appear together.

A moment when nothing is less or more,

A moment when nothing stays, yet lasts you a lifetime.

I cannot say life is good, I cannot say life is bad.

All I can say is life is beautiful and unfolding,

But I am still waiting, waiting for that one day when I can make it my own.

When I can wear my She Crown,

When I no longer frown,

At the mere mention of the word brown.

It’s been a long while I am free.

Almost alone, stranded, nowhere to go standing tall like a tree.

It’s been all about waiting, my life, my knife, my wait never ends

I wish it ends one day when I am going to become one

With my life and death, when I finally sleep, when I finally sleep.

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