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Should you hunt for wellness & wellbeing?

The next part of the blog is in continuation with this blog part written for Vandana’s blog on wellness and wellbeing. An extension of the same as to what happened later.


Once you read the first part of the wellness and wellbeing blog, do read this part for more insight.

That morning I woke up from a good night’s sleep. I barely sleep so smoothly as I always, toss and turn in bed, read and play music at night. Nights are the only time when the world around you is as thin as the air of that place.

While I walked down the stairs, I saw Mackeri cleaning a sword, a beautiful 17th -century sword with a scabbard lying close by.

“What is it, what are you doing?” I asked her as I flipped my hand to check the time by the watch quickly. It was seven in the morning, and she seemed to be long awake. “Did you sleep or were you awake the whole night?”

“Ohh! Hello. Did you sleep well?” She smiled, to which I nodded.

“I was cleaning my old sword, I do it every three months, and that’s a ritual now.”

I could see the sword clearly, right in front of me. Made of a metal with a strange greenish tint, that was not steel, but an alloy, the silvery glaze of the sparkle shone brightly under the Sun.

“Do you know what swords are for?”

“Yes, for killing.” Of course, there could be no other reason for it, whatsoever.

“No, for knowing what death is. Killing is a gross term, and merely killing is what it is used now for. But it is not killing it is to know the essence of life, to know how beings move around. How they cease to exist with just one blow. Their soft flesh can be pierced by anything harder than them, and yet, we fight. This is the insanity people gain from living here, on this planet.”

Words were minced meat under her tongue. I saw her husband for the first time. He lay on the cot, staring calmly at the sky above him.

“You mean to say that actions don’t matter or do they?” I was curious.

How is it a circle?

“You have to always know that every action taken is reciprocal. Actions are boomerangs; they come back to you every time, you throw it to cut down someone else.”      

“It is somewhere in the circle; people get back what they give back. If they create trouble, know well it gets back to them. If something is wrong as per you, and you are not wrong in any way, then it is not yours, but their gift and the ball will lie in their court. There is a strong court where you might have to defend yourself.

But, again there are those who get back just for being mere bystanders. For not getting associated with the good or the bad. For being neutral, as neutral serves no one and is aloof. They often seem stronger. Not participating in something means you either fear it or you understand it. Yet, it is useless to others and thus, is often the first to go out of the equation like my husband.

In some other instances where those who become the medium to deliver it might be gaining slightly now from it but will also get back for the imbalance they bring, eventually. If they need another birth to give back, that too will happen. It is how this world works that the laws are written in the very matrix that surrounds us and you cannot avoid it, but take it.”

“It is difficult, but I will eventually understand this part of wellness and wellbeing.” I tried soaking in the words as much as the sun, both seemed precious right there.

“You mustn’t harm without being very sure that you must and for that you have to prove yourself. To prove it, you must work towards it and the sword is good then. Killing neutrals will not help, killing the ones supporting good will also not help. Use your judgement judiciously.”

What happened next?

“Yeah, I know.” I nodded.

“Unless someone finds you worthy enough to understand all of it, you cannot understand it. Most of us are born here but not all are worthy to understand the wisdom for which we come here. If you are proven worthy the portal will open since this is the only portal that is beyond the reach of ordinary humans.” She smiled.

“Okay, I will see what I can do.”

“Stand to the life you are given, till you die. Here, take this, a dragon vein and keep it close. Anger is your fire, bury it deep or transmutate it. Learn and learn till this life ends and come back whenever you can.”

She turned back and went inside with the sword; I had packed my bag, and cleaned up already when I came down. Near the well was a small tiffin box, I grabbed it and took a peek- warm momos with my favorite soup was waiting right there.

I paid her back an amount I knew will be valuable for her to survive some hard months and, that was my hard-earned money. I went off to meet my grandma who was in the next quarter. With just the train fares left, I knew I would have to beg to grandpa to help get back where I came from remembering well, life moved in circles.

There is a bit more to the wellness and wellbeing story for later.

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