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Are Mudras Real- Why Are Mudras Important

Quick Summary: Mudras are as old as the world itself. We have lived through ages only to learn that whatever way we turn or twist our body will give way to a mudra (a pose). Next time, you doubt if Mudras are for real, do take a day off and quietly observe yourself. You will be nothing but the mudras (postures and poses) time and again. Learn more about the purpose of Mudras from here.

When you join your two hands, it is a posture that works for your benefit. When you spread your hands far and wide, that too works as a mudra for you. Mudras are thus real for sure. But do mudras really work is a question many ask in the process.

Every form of relaxation or spiritual growth is always accompanied by a set of mudras that work best for that form of art. Yoga, meditation and dance are all about mudras at the beginning where you need to master them to reach the beyond behind them.

In this article, we will talk about mudras and their various aspects. Let’s analyze the purpose of Mudras before moving to the science of mudras. Why do we need the mudras? Why is it that we can’t just have any mudra in place and yet be someone?

Purpose of Mudras

 We are a reservoir of energy like every other being on Earth. However, energy in the body can exist in two interchangeable forms- potential energy and kinetic energy.

  • Potential energy is the stored form of energy and kinetic energy is the form that we use to get our things done. When you are at rest completely, your energy exists as potential energy.
  • No sooner do you move anything in yourself, even your mind, you convert your potential energy to kinetic energy.
  • Thus, with each specific mudra, you channel your energy appropriately in the right direction. When you use your hands, you divert your energy to your hands and then make a mudra where you focus it right where you want the energy to be.
  • Not only that, but with each mudra, you also channel your energy in the right direction. Yoga mudras are designed in a way to channel your energy right where you need it at that point. The purpose of Mudras or postures is to divert your energy in the right direction and align your energy goals appropriately with your needs.

But before you start practising it, we have more science associated with the mudras. It means mudras are just not about the potential and kinetic energy but is a lot of science that you must know to start believing in the ‘Why of mudras.’

The Science of a mudra

Science of mudras

To know the science of a mudra, next, we will delve into the biological aspects of our body to further understand the purpose of Mudras better.

Our subtlest energy sources are what we are mostly unaware of and when we wake up, we understand the power we can harness just alone.

We also have to know about the astrophysical aspect of our body when we cover the science of a mudra.

To begin with, here is what you must know if you want to understand how a mudra works.

  • The peripheral nervous system is an essential guide to the tactile senses. Our skin is the largest and widest receptor of our body.  The signals received from the brain directly to the peripheral nervous system scatter our arms, skin, fingers, and other internally located organs including our lower limbs.

The radial nerve is thus the direct connector of the brain with all your peripheral limbs.

They carry the sensory impulses upward and carry the motor impulses back from the brain to the peripheral organs.

It further gives way to the brachial plexus, a bundle of nerves together.

The radial nerve begins at the lower armpit and originates from different nerve roots- C5 to C8 of the cervical vertebrae and the T1 of the thoracic vertebrae.

We are aware that each nerve in our body is a source of energy.

By bringing the radial nerve terminals together in a mudra or by stretching the hands far away from the body, we are merely trying to tap and re-channel the energy that flows incessantly through the radial nerve. When we titillate them, they give way to an energy source and activate all those points that are connected through the radial nerve.

Mostly it oxygenates the areas used more frequently in performing voluntary activities, thus, by moving ahead with this form of nerve activation process we merely tap into the huge potential energy reservoir flowing quietly through these nerves.

How does a mudra work?

It empowers you to connect to your higher energy level.

Refer to the mudra’s scientific proof-

If you need to find out the mudra’s scientific proof and its efficiency, here is a recent experiment to refer to to understand better the purpose of Mudras.

  • According to a 2018 study conducted by the Isha Foundation in India whereby the coronal discharge around the ten fingers is studied, it was found that prolonged practice of yogic mudras increased the average intensity of the mean EPI (Electrophotonic imaging) parameter. When a mudra was practised for more than 20 minutes, it seemed to have the best impact on the body.
  • The astrophysical aspect that controls bringing the fingers together or even the movement of limbs includes the ruling planets and the elemental construct we are made of.
  1. The thumb represents the Fire element
  2. With your index finger, you give way to the air element within us
  3. The little finger represents the water element
  4. Space is emblemized by the middle finger
  5. The ring finger is for the Earth’s element

When you bring together your fingers, you are actually balancing the two elements within you at your fingertips.

You align and focus them to balance your body’s elemental structures and the organs ruled by them.

  • Air is the most vulnerable element and can turn and change at any moment.
  • Thus, the most common mudra is to bring together the fire and the air.
  • When both come together in equal amounts, each balances the other element and helps create an equilibrium where the mind opens up and your gastrointestinal system.
  • Additionally, it will also help activate the nervous system existing within your gastrointestinal tract.

Now, after being well-versed in the idea, you need to also understand when to do mudras and when to practice them.

When to do a mudra?

As vast as the universe, so is the vastness of the different mudras available to a person who wants to truly gain by practising them.

Before jumping to the question, let us find out how you can practice the different mudras using different art forms.

  1. Dance is an art form effortlessly using mudras since time immemorial
  2. Meditative practices have minimal use of mudras
  3. Yoga is all about finding the right mudra to catch the right chord
  4. Every martial art form is also an assemblage of different mudras.

 Doing your mudras can be your art!

Do them every time or choose a preferred time to practice them. Choose a certain mudra that works best for you.

You can select from different mudras and use them for practising what seems missing in you.

Are Mudras effective?

If you have read the article carefully, you will know they are not entirely effective but they definitely are when you practice them for a long time. Each of these mudras can become your soul-strengthening or body-nurturing device and that is a wholesome purpose of Mudras.

Use them essentially and make way for a fresh new beginning every time you feel stuck either during the day or in your life.

Mostly those who doubt the sanctity of mudras and feel they are unreal can refer to the vast amount of science involved within them.

When we join our hands together where the fingertips of our right hand touch the fingertips of our left arm, we are merely bringing all the five elements within us to bow down before a deity we consider superior to us. Similarly, when we touch the earth with our fingertips, we are paying obeisance to the earth praying to mother earth for the blessings we need at that point in time.

So, next time you shake hands with anyone else, do not forget to understand why you are doing it. That answer will help you understand the higher self over the mundane existential conflict we have within us each day.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

All About Mudras

What is a mudra?

It is a posture that can help you attain physical well-being or spiritual growth.

How do you make a mudra work for you?

You can make it work by practising it daily and after you practice it for a long, it begins making an impact.

What are the fields that uphold the true purpose of mudras?

Dance, martial arts, meditation and yoga are those fields that will uphold the true purpose of Mudras in your life.

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