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Become an Author

BECOME AN AUTHOR workshop is an explosion of learning, interaction and most important, writing.  

I talk to so many creativity blessed women who are willing to write but find it challenging to locate a starting point. 

They would have lots of ideas but don’t know how to put them in a meaningful flow. 

Other times not a single word would strike their head. 

Few find the motivation to be the last thing in their body. Scheduling to define a writing schedule is a strenuous task to fit into their never-ending to-do list. 

Through this workshop, I will guide you to handle all the above issues and any other you might be facing currently. I will support you in creating a space in your mind, calendar, and heart to enjoy your writing.

While we will concentrate on removing the roadblocks from your writing journey, you will also practice breathing exercises to relax your mind for better focus.

Workshop Details: 


This workshop happens first Sunday of every month at 4 PM IST / 12:30 PM CET

Cost: FREE

Platform: ZOOM Meeting  

How to enrol? Sign-in through the given link: 

Workshop Host: 

Vandana Sehgal, 

Author, Book Coach and Holistic Wellness Coach