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8 best smart ring for health

On one hand, we face destruction like wars, climate change, and globalization and its demons, and on the other hand, we are improving with each passing day. After struggling to find a cure for the minor diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, we have now begun experimenting with pro-active health monitoring.


Watches, rings, necklaces, and earrings are currently hot fashion statements that are being incorporated with innumerable health technologies.


To make you understand and give you a guide as to what can serve you best, try the 8 best smart rings for health and a healthy lifestyle.

We explore both international and Indian brands that are investing in inventing and reinventing different kinds of health rings and best ring fitness tracker.

Pricing structure for the best ring fitness tracker.


Rings by companiesPrice 
Bonatra Tracker X1 ring fitness
Smart Pi RingPi ring: Rs 4,999; Pi Ring Pro: Rs 6,999, Halo ring: Rs 7,999
boAT Smart RingRs. 8999
Oura Smart Ring Gen 3Rs. 24899.12
Motiv RingRs. 54779
Circular RingRs. 23650.00
BodiMetrics Prevention circul+ Wellness RingRs. 32903
BioRingRs. 14,999

These three best rings are found within the country, and in India, we have enterprises and health industries that are coming up with their own innovative ways of tracking the health and health metrics of people.

These health smart rings/ best ring fitness tracker don’t work similarly for everyone and highly depend on what a person wants. The effectiveness of the ring differs from one person to another. A few Indian brands are also bringing reliable brands into the market. Find out more about the rings available on the Indian market below. Wearable technology is here and offers the best wearable ring options.


1. Bonatra Tracker ring fitness:

Noise manufactures a variety of smart wearable, including smartwatches and fitness bands. It’s possible they have expanded into the smart ring or best ring fitness tracker category.

Country of origin: Gurugram, India

Metal used: Fighter jet grade titanium and a scratch resistant coating that is also corrosion resistant.


Water resistance: 50 feet

Battery life: 5 days

It helps with the following and has these features:

  • Sleep, readiness, and activity tracker
  • Offers 5 color options and 7 ring sizes.
  • BLE 5 technology and water resistance up to 50 meters
  • 6 days of constant use with one single charge
  • The Luna Ring app can be accessed even without a subscription.
  • 3mm size and a second skin feel

What does the smart ring track?


  • Notes on overall health
  • Rest pattern optimization option
  • Temperature changes track diet and exercise related changes
  • It can track a total of 70 metrics
  • Different types of issues are resolved through it, like hourly movement, training frequency, volume, daytime activity, and more.

Buy this irresistible ring and save your fast life

2.  Smart Pi Ring: The most affordable smart health ring/ best ring fitness tracker

Country of Origin: Gurugram, India


    Battery life: 2-3 days 

    Metal Type: Zirconia ceramic or stainless steel


    Users: 10000+

    Features of the Smart Pi Ring: 

    • Measures SpO2
    • Monitors sleep
    • Women’s Health monitoring
    • Health management

    Essential Features:


    • It tracks your vitals during HIIT or your strength training.
    • Offers monitoring of heart rate and stress factors
    • It tracks your vitals while swimming
    • It measures your body temperature all the time
    • Tracks your eye movements
    • Distance tracker
    • Calorie tracker
    • Heart Rate monitor
    • It comes with 1 year warranty, free shipping options, and live support facilities

    3. boAT Smart Ring: Best ring fitness tracker

    An application that works immensely well in times when life is all about working hard and partying harder. Work-life balance is a myth that companies and organizations try to endorse for a better face. Where life does not count for anyone except those immediately dependent on the person, it is also hard to say if people love others beyond their expected dependency.

    Country of origin: Mumbai

    Composed of: Made of ceramic and other metals

    Offerings and features:

    • Sleep data display
    • Activity data display mode
    • 6-axis motion
    • Activity tracker
    • SATM water resistance
    • Running, walking, cycling and other sports mode facilities

    boAT smart ring for your consideration

    International smart ring brands that are making waves around us.

    1. Oura Smart Ring Gen 3: One of the best wearable rings

    Country of origin: Finland

    Metal used to make the ring: Titanium- durable, lightweight & water-resistant

    Research put into rings: 10 years

    Data protection: 1,000,000+ rings

    What does the Oura smart ring track: 20 biometrics and some of them include; 

    • Sleep
    • heart rate variability,
    • blood oxygen rate, 
    • body temperature,
    • sleep duration
    • Chronotype
    • Hormonal factors
    • Alert when you are getting sick
    • Tracks workouts
    • Fitness tracker
    • Respiratory rate
    • Activity through an accelerometer
    • Readiness
    • Time spent in REM and non-REM sleep
    • Body clock
    • Fitness goals
    • Recovery index

    You need to charge it only in 2-4 days. Oura’s blood oxygen monitoring drains the battery faster.

    It adds personal recommendations as to what works well and what does not for you in terms of your sleep-wake cycle. It gives you more realistic goals and also makes new bedtime arrangements for you.

    2. Motiv Ring: The best ring that tracks fitness, sleep and heart health

    Country of Origin: San Francisco, United States

    Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later, Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, iPhone 5s or later, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 5 or Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL.

    Metal Used for the ring: ultra light titanium alloy

    Data Protection: Yes, protects you from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access

    Colors: Silver, Rose gold, Black

    Ring Sizes: 7 Motiv Ring Sizes

    Battery: Lithium ion and charging takes only 90 minutes.

    Sensors: Optical heart rate sensors, 3-axis accelerometer

    They measure the following:

    • Active Minutes
    • Resting Heart Rate
    • Activity Types
    • Calories Burned
    • Activity Intensity
    • Steps
    • Distance
    • Sleep Duration

    You can configure the ring with Apple Health and Google Fit.

    3: Circular Ring: Best ring for health tracking

     This is the best ring for tracking your health even though it is not very water resistant. It can only withstand light rain.

    Battery life: Upto 4 days

    Weight: 5 grams

    Material used for the ring: Stainless steel and carbon fiber

    Prime Features:

    • Alarm clock
    • Extra feature adding buttons available physically
    • Performance analysis options
    • Improvement recommendation are available through the app
    • Energy scores, wellness graphs, sleep cycle facilitation

    4. BodiMetrics Prevention circul+ Wellness Ring: Outstanding performance and best wearable ring working smartly

    Country of origin: CA, USA

    3 types of rings are available with BodiMetrics: Wellness ring, Sleep  Fitness ring, Vitals RX ring

    Water resistant feature: It is water resistant and can function well in light water showers, washing hands and also in light rain.

    App registration: Facilities available from the Google Play Store and Apple app store.

    Charging facilities: It can charge in 2 hours straight and run at a stretch for 14-16 hours 

    Notable features:

    • Found in small, large and XL sizes
    • It is available with the home oximetry facility
    • It keeps up with overnight sleep tracking
    • It can track your pulse, heart rate, SpO2, ODI 
    • The ring can take care of 4 sleep stages: Awake, Light, Deep sleep and REM sleep.
    • Monitors daytime SpO2 and heart rate for biking, running and even hiking like activities
    • Records the finger temperature
    • Keeps a track of sleep and work metrics

    5. BioRing for simple health tracking and mood metrics: The best ring for health tracking 

    Metal for biorings: In black and white colors ceramic zirconium and even limited edition sterling silver rings.

    Water resistant & non-scratchable

    Available sensors: 

    • Stress level, 
    • water level, 
    • distance and steps measuring sensors and activity sensors
    • Calorie intake
    • Heart rate
    • Calories burned
    • Protein intake
    • Sleep level
    • Sleep status
    • Bioimpedance sensor3-axis accelerometer
    • Fluid change sensor within the cells

    Available app: Yes, it is available and is present in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store..

    If you want to know what can suit you, you will need to find the most perfect one for yourself only by finding out the best ones to suit your needs. These are just the best on the market. You will also need to focus on your pocket and sync it with your needs to understand what can suit you the best.


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