Women…..strong or weak?k

Love a women or leave a women.

A choice when men make gives a so-called life to women.

Since long, we live in the same way.

Even though women have divided their choices, including reformations, yet millions are stuck in this ugly looking paradise.

Some are determined to make our own choices, some are determined to follow their families and in each ways all a woman requires is strength….

But do they have it?

And, if we have the strength and the courage then why do you think, we are still stuck, still attempting to pull our legs out of a muddy terrain?

Why so? Why are so many of us getting lost, every day, every moment?

History, time, Earth and men hold many secrets.

Are we women, amongst those secrets?

Or, are we substitute horses?

Or is it, which do you prefer kind of a scenario.

Sharing a common secret makes us friends,

But sharing a woman is one way to make men enemies.

Trick used since ages.

We are indeed such disputed entities even now.

Within brazen lands and within rich,

A woman is always at risk.

All kinds of risks. You name it and we have it.

All the men and all those men backed women who prefer torturing weaker mass women say the same thing, “they faced it and they are now like this.”

Do we really wish well for half the world’s population?

Why is it that we are still reforming and why is there an excuse every time after a tiny step, “we are improving when it comes to dealing with women issues but all changes take time.” No one is kind enough to state “how much more time?”

Do we really want women to hold reigns, all women?

Can we risk letting this happen given so many men are yet to be born and need a space. An easy way to make space for men is removal of those woman who are serving dominion of no man. Such women, such victims, of whom no men prefer speaking, with taboos, society and all the hoop hoolah.

A woman queen or a woman prime minister or merely a president does not show equality.

The world often talks in terms of permitting women, but, do we know that till we permit our women, it means we still hold the horses.

Victimised, burdened, callous women.

Have women ever thought of standing together for each other?

Or do women still prefer to hide behind our God like, good men or evil like, not so good men and then quickly check our pennies, our sons and then our daughters and leave the world burning in the ashtrays.

Do we even once for a wink think of blaming at least the atrocities of other women. It could be anyone, our mothers, friend’s mother, husband’s mother. As women we do not even stand by our daughters, mothers, mother in laws, sisters, cousins. We prefer our supremacy making sure of our survival. They too wage the same war.

Office colleagues prefer their own families scheming and plotting to remove other women since that nourishes their greed and ego.

So, unknowingly, innocently with nativity we are paving a way for our daughters as perilous as the one which we have walked. What is our response to it.

Few below…..are the golden rules almost good girls across all religions and nations obey. Either one or all of them to save themselves from lurking dangers called saliva dripping, wet, desirous monsters called men.

1) Do not wear skimpy clothes

2) Do not be out in the night

3) Check your drink.

4) Be with someone as you roam unknown territories.

5) Check the country statistics before you backpack, how they handle women and their issues.

6) Do your work, enjoy the process, you are a sexual giant get your work done, use it.

7) Hide in your closet when they come.

Will we feel happy if as mothers we would end preaching our own daughters this same tacky rule book, or do women know only one way, blinded they look forward, never can look sideways, backwards or upwards not even downward.

Does it remind you of Knuckles and horses?

Or, are we still happy and heave a sigh of relief once we hold a son, when a man whispers into our ears, “You no more have to bother now, you have a son.”

It means you can go out and torture, torment and bully other women because you are saved from the sword of karma.

Choices, choices, strong choices, weak arms?

Can they handle it?

Have they ever understood beyond their selfish desires?

If so, it is only those who have faced the torment themselves.

Is it then true, what men talk about women?

Doors to hell.

Life sucking machine.

A web in the wall.

Or is it enough if we just prove our worth to one man, who in return stands for her, sometimes fighting by diminishing her value and sometimes by raising the bar. What to do, a man doesn’t know but he is managing still. Can you even manage? All women, ladies and all those impressive, little and great hearts out there.

Millions of women are stuck up various ways in various things. Some are, since they are weak, others are since the nets are too thick, some are in simply to satisfy their greed and felony.

Many efforts have come up.

Nobel prizes to war torn victims have been given but yet something somewhere is deeply wrong and we all see it day in, day out.

Women, alone would be enough to pull this remaining women out but who cares for whom and indeed why should we, there are millions who should do it, not we. What do we have to spare, nothing much.

Strangely some men are understanding and some are making brave efforts. Some efforts are made by men who come across such victims of varied kinds and some understand as bystanders and when they do, such videos are made, small yet applauding commendable effort. An ocean is made of million drops and some men are adding those drops.

It is one of my friend’s cousin in the video, young men who are attempting to raise awareness.

Please watch the video and please leave your comments and likes for them in the site.


Thanks to those men who are attempting to wake up when millions of women still are down in deep slumber.

Love and light. πŸ’‘

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