Why do I live?

When I was small, I lived for the

mornings, the winter and snow.

I lived to count the stars, look into a

Cackling fire and believed in laughing aloud.

Then i grew to know stars are far.

So i wanted to live my dreams

I wanted to fight my battles and

win games and wars. I was studying

hard, believing it would change my fate.

But, then it did all except changing my fate.

But, I believed then that i would not hate

A world so strong and fair. But, then i knew

What this all was, and felt I could live for love

of all kinds, fair, sweet, glorifying, dashing

love. But then I found to love others

you need to love, yes, love yourself more

Love that you need carries you afar.

Love oneself and change oneself is all

we can do, we cannot do anything more

But if all does it well, then alone the world changes

Since then you learn to love others more.

But to love oneself, you have to not be unfair

In your own eyes, the world is such now,

for many believe in their own unfairness

Where man is bound by many chains,

Invisible, daunting and scary claims growing

in others brains. I live not now, only breathe

But i still wish to live and love oneself again.

I wish it could all be done well yet we live

and not be a forgotten human race slained.

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